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Natural Amla Powder – Indian Gooseberry – 227 Grams

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    Amla powder is considered to be good for immune function. Amla juice is a great source of vitamin C, And is essential for healthy skin and hair. It has water-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant. It enhances overall liver health. Supports healthy digestion. Helps in heart problems. It is good for kidney health. And also regulates blood sugar and lipids. With all these unique qualities it is mainly used in many traditional Indian medicines. Daily consumption of amla also helps in better eyesight.

    Good source of Vitamin 'C', for healthy hair, nails & skin.

    Rich source of anti-oxidants, for enhanced skin health.

    Essential for Digestion system. And Metabolism.

    Enhances overall liver health.

    Beneficial in regulating blood sugar.


    Benefits of Natural Amla Powder


    Boosts Immune system

    Amla is a good source of Vitamin C' & helps in enhancing a better immune system naturally.

    Good for Digestion health

    It is good for guts health. and enhances better digestion system. 

    Gives Beautiful and Shiny Hair

    It gives beautiful hair and also enhances shine & smoothness to hair.

    100% Natural Ingredients


    Customer Reviews

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    perfect hair cleaner,conditioner and scalp claner

    Naveen D

    Natural Amla Powder – Indian Gooseberry – 227 Grams

    Genuine Amla powder with goodness of Amla inside

    This winter was cold/cough free for me thanks to the amla powder I take everyday without fail.