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Natural Lawsonia Inermis Henna Powder for Hair Product 227 gram

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Natural Lawsonia Inermis Henna Powder for Hair Product 227 gram
Natural Lawsonia Inermis Henna Powder for Hair Product 227 gram
Natural Lawsonia Inermis Henna Powder for Hair Product 227 gram
Natural Lawsonia Inermis Henna Powder for Hair Product 227 gram
Natural Lawsonia Inermis Henna Powder for Hair Product 227 gram
Hair Growth Promotion
Henna is rich in phytochemicals like tannins and phenolics, stimulating hair growth, reducing hair fall, and maintaining a healthy mane naturally.
Dandruff Control
With its antimicrobial properties, henna effectively combats dandruff and scalp disorders, providing relief from irritation, flaking, and microbial imbalances on the scalp.
Hair Strengthening and Repair
Henna's tannins bind with hair, strengthening it from within, while its conditioning properties repair split ends, leaving hair thicker, healthier, and more resilient.
STEP 1: Soak Henna Powder
Soak henna powder with tea or coffee infused water in a mixing bowl to make a paste and leave it for up to 2 hours.
STEP 2: Apply to Clean Hair
Apply this paste to clean hair, ensuring full coverage from roots to tips.
STEP 3: Allow to Set
Allow the henna paste to remain on your hair for 45-60 minutes to fully penetrate and nourish the hair shaft.
STEP 4: Thorough Rinse
Thoroughly rinse your hair with normal water until the water runs clear, ensuring all henna residue is removed.
STEP 5: Precautionary Note
Note: Prior to using this henna paste, ensure your hair hasn't been treated with any chemical-based products like shampoos or conditioners to avoid adverse reactions or color inconsistencies.
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Can I use Henna powder on chemically treated hair?

It will be more effective and appropriate if you use Henna on non-chemically treated hairs.

Does henna cover grey hair?

Yes, Henna does cover grey hairs, not necessarily it will be black side but it will give golden shades instead.

How long does Henna stay in our hair?

Usually Henna stays for one week to two weeks easily even if we wash our hair daily.

Does it prevent hair fall and promote hair growth!?

Henna has natural phytochemicals and Phytonutrients, therefore it promotes hair growth and makes hair roots healthier and better.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Yes, this natural henna powder is useful for all hair types.

Does it contain added color or fragrance?

No, it doesn't contain artificial color or fragrance. It's natural and organic.


Good! I am using since 2020

Healthy option for hair wash, I have read customers say it doesn't remove hair oil, but for me it does removes oil too, hair are more shiny after each wash. Add 5 tbsp. in 750 ml water as advice and soak overnight, you need to gently rub it around the scalp and hair buy pouring small quantity of the liquid gradually. I have used both amla reetha shikakai and amla reetha shikakai with methi dana. Powder with Methi dana help to add more foam but both remove the oil.

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Amla shikakai powder

It's makes hair soft and shiny even after the first wash. At first fear to use this but not now over all good for hair. My hair Really loved it.

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Lovely product

I review after using 4_5 time . wonderful product with natural integers. Chemical base shampoo damage my scalp and hair I am suffering hair fall problem long 8 year and my scalp completely damages I tried everything. but nothing happened then I buy this shampoo and I see change on my hair thanks for wonderful ✨💕product

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Usha Rani

Good product, best quality