7 Golden Rules about tackling  Hair Problems and their Solutions

7 Golden Rules about tackling  Hair Problems and their Solutions

It is an old proverb that " If there is a problem, there is a solution too".

Same thing applies in the context of hair related problems and its solution. Modern time's hectic lifestyle and very demanding working schedules are affecting our lives in every aspect.  If many other things are getting affected with this thing, hair related problems are also arising.

Now ,point is what is or what are the solutions for this problem. Here you will get a brief idea about 7 Golden rules which deals with hair problems.

Rules to keep your hair LONG and healthy

Rule 1 :

Always use a mild shampoo & conditioner to control frizzy hair .If possible use natural herbal based  shampoo in which no any harsh chemical is being used for whatsoever purpose.  Havintha's natural shampoos, especially Amala ,Shikakai, Reetha and Methidana Powder Shampoo is one marvellous shampoo which cares hair very delicately.

Rule 2 :

Use hair products in the right way . Today market is flooded with innumerable hair care products. To choose right product as per your hair type  is a tricky business, but wise choice makes a lot of difference.  One should always use good quality hair shampoo or hair conditioner.

Rule 3 :

Always try to wash hair with lukewarm water & final rinse with cold water. If we use this practice consistently and persistently hair will get proper texture and bouncy shape.

Rule 4 :

Protect hair before heat styling . Excessive heat and temperature is not good  for hair growth . As much as possible we should avoid excessive heat exposure, directly long time one shot use of electrical gadgets like dryer etc.  over the  hairs.

Rule 5 : 

Healthy diet is one very prominent factor to decide good hair care management.  Like other body organs of our body our hair too , needs vitamins good for hair growth & healthy diet for their wellness.  Protein rich diet and vitamins, either directly from the food or in form of supplements are  very necessary for the wellness of hairs .Havintha's ,Hair Vitamins with DHT Blocker is one wonderful supplement for proper nourishment of hairs . It ensures proper hair growth and stops untimely hair fall.  Not only that it stops untimely greying of hairs too.

Rule 6 :

Healthy Lifestyle : Healthy lifestyle is key of healthy hairs . In present time very hap- hazard lifestyle and busy schedules are affecting entire health including hairs . Adequate rest ,work - proffessional life balance ,good dietary habits ,keeping body hydrated, doing relular exercises and little yoga or meditation are few thing which makes a good and healthy lifestyle.  Healthy lifestyle is directly associated with healthiness of hairs .If we will not keep healthy lifestyle, we are bound to suffer from untimely hair loss ,premature greying of hairs and even baldness sometime.

Rule 7

Hair protection while sleeping: Its last but not the least important thing about hair problem and its solution.  Adequate sleep and Adequate rest are must for keeping ourselves healthy and active . Our healthiness will directly impact the healthiness of our hairs . Nowadays, life is becoming busy to busiest.  Making balance is very much needed . That is why hair protection while sleeping is very effective and powerful tool .


Thus ,above mentioned 7 golden rules are very -very  important and everyone should follow these 7 golden rules to avoid untimely hair loss.

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