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A magnificent medicinal plant Punarnava and its various Health Benefits for mankind

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What is Punarnava?
Nutrients present in the Punarnava Powder
Health Benefits of Punarnava Powder
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Punarnava is basically a medicinal plant. Its scientific name is Boerhavia diffusa. It has been used for various health ailments since ages in the Indian system of medicines, that is known as the Ayurvedic system of medicines. 

Another common name of Punarnava is Tarvine . Punarnava in extracted form as a dry  powder is very extensively used in the Ayurvedic medicines. Mainly Punarnava leaf's powder is considered very good and effective against the overweight health condition or obesity.  It has several other medicinal applications too. In this  Blog  of ours ,we will try to cover various aspects related with  Punarnava plant and its medicinal uses through its powder form ,its  availability etc. 

What is Punarnava?

Basically Punarnava is a plant, whose scientific name is Boerhavia diffusa. It is being used for various medicinal purposes with high demand.  Under the Ayurvedic system of medicine Punarnava got very high place since ages.

Another common names of Punarnava:


Red Spiderling

Horse Purslane

Red Hogweed

Spreading Hogweed

The literal meaning of Punarnava is  "Something that revives the body and brings back the glow and youthfulness ".

In our country since last so many years or centuries Punarnava's extract or Ark (diluted form )has been used for various ailments.  Punarnava plant's leaves, aerial part and  roots after making powder or ark are useful for one or another health related problem.  They can be used according to their application and merits under any knowledgeable person's guidance. If it is being used under the guidance of some knowledgeable medical professional then it can do miracles.

Mainly, Punarnava has got two varieties. One is Red and another is White, both are useful and known for their medicinal properties. 

Nutritional Value presents in the Punarnava Powder

Punarnava's leaves and ark based powder has very good nutritional contents. It is believed that in the every 100 gram of Punarnava usually total fat content is about 1.61% of daily recommended dose of one's fat content. It has 162 mg Sodium  in every 100 gram. Punarnava  has got about 2.26 % of the daily recommended dose of protein also.  Other than Sodium and protein Punarnava has 44.8mg Vitamin C and 142 mg calcium. Punarnava also contains slight amount of Iron in it. These all are very vital elements for attaining optimum health. This is the reason, why Punarnava plant has got a very high ranked position in the plant kingdom.

Health Benefits of Punarnava Powder

Here is a list of health benefits Punarnava herbal plant and its extract can provide. Various health benefits ,we can obtain from the Punarnava Powder are  as following.  

- Punarnava is good for proper  liver function.

- It is found very useful to fight with obesity related issues. 

- Checks weight control and good for weight management.

- Punarnava is good for diabetes. 

- It is believed that Punarnava is very good for keeping heart health in proper state.

- In some studies it is found that Punarnava also effective for reproductive organs. 

- It has got very wonderful applications against UTI (Urinary tract infections)

- Very effective against arthritis. 

- Many a time found  helpful in general stomach disorders. 

Havintha's Punarnava Powder

Till now we have learnt about the goodness of Punarnava in general.  Now, we will briefly emphasis about Havintha's Punarnava Powder. Havintha is known for its quality products and surity for purity of its each product. Unlike its other products Punarnava Powder is also 24 Carat hallmark kind of herbal product. Superior  quality is hallmark for  brand Havintha. Their Punarnava powder is not  an exception. Right from raw material selection to the finished goods ,good manufacturing practices are being adopted. Havintha's team of expert R& D proffessionals , highly skilled and well qualified quality control personnel assures every aspect of its superiority over its counterpart product of similar category. They know very well that quality is only thing which can sustain any brand for a longer period of time. 

How to Use?

Punarnava can be used in various ways. It can be used either with some juices or normal water. Its 1/2 to 1/4 Tbsp can be taken twice a day for good result.


Thus Punarnava is a very useful plant and so is its powder. It can cure many small and medium health conditions. Even if it is taken for preventive mode then also Punarnava delivers number of good effects on our body functions.

Punarnava, is purely a medicinal plant and if it is served by a trusted brand like Havintha, then it will defenitly serve better to that purpose for what it is intent for.

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