Are you puzzled with Acne And  Face pimples?

Are you puzzled with Acne And Face pimples?

Brand Havintha, a totally committed and dynamic brand,  known for its skincare ,hair care and Healthcare products has  got very good experience of dealing with such problems. 

Under Havintha's belt there are many combinations designed to tackle various skin related problems like pimples, acne ,blackheads etc. etc.

It is a very common problem faced by many individuals nowadays .  On one hand, a Hectic lifestyle, hap hazards working schedule, irregular eating habits and lack of exercise are  primary reasons for   this type of skin related issues. Same time in other hand excess use of harsh chemical based Skin care products like face wash, daily  soap , face scrub  and face creams are equally responsible for appearing pimples  and acne on our  face .Many times after seeing attractive commercial advertisements and  paid model's fake claims, we gets an illusionary impression and thinks this is the solution of our problem.  In this way we falls in the trap of harmful cosmetic products.

Now here is a simple question  . If they are not workable, then  what is the remedy?

Here is a good news . Remedy is now in your hands.  Get any good natural product like Havintha's face Blooming powder which is totally made of high grade natural ingredients like Mulethi extracts, Kalonji powder, Multani Mitti Powder and Masoor Dal Powder. These all ingredients are best pick from  the lap of mother nature.  Each one of them is a time tested product for making our skin healthy, shiny and pimple free.

As we know , our skin comprises  with three layers . These three layers are epidermis, dermis and  hypodermis .Epidermis is  the top layer ,Dermis is  the middle layer and Hypodermis is the bottom most or fatty layer.

Each one has its own important role to play . Havintha's skin care product works very delicately without damaging skin texture.  Once our skin starts to get proper nourishment and natural care, the problem of pimples starts vanishing slowly but in steady way.

Havintha's products are made with utmost care and under expert's supervision.

If anybody starts to use these products, once he or she simply falls in love with that product. It's totally safe and without any side effects. It's the kind of skin care product with the best value for money.

Let's give them a place  in your vanity kit and see visible differences within a short span of time.

Know more about Havintha's Face Blooming Pack :

Havintha's face blooming pack is comprises with Multani mitti ( fuller's earth) ,Kalongi ,Masoor dal and Mulethi . Even every single ingredient, out of these four, is an excellent substance for skin care . Problem of face pimples and acne is directly related with proper  skin care and skin's healthiness.  Skin's healthiness depends upon your selection of skin care products and their safe use . 

Now ,one by one we will take these four ingredients in brief and their benefits. 

Multani Mitti: Multani mitti or fuller's earth is very proven skin friendly thing. Use of multani mitti  in face wash and face scrubs is having very old history.  It is very good for cleaning and scrubbing skin without harming its texture. It helps in keeping skin  tight and hydrated ,same time keeps Skin's elasticity too. 

Kalongi Seeds : Kalonji seeds  are yet another important ingredient of face blooming pack . Kalongi has many antibacterial and Antifungal properties which helps for several skin ailments like pimple ,acne etc etc. Kalonji is  considered very good for making dull skin shiny and radiant.

Masoor Dal: Masoor dal is no lesser than any miracle for making skin healthy and blooming. Its various healthy effects makes it an integral component of Havintha Face blooming pack. For detailed benefits of masoor dal on skin one can visit Havintha's home page where it can be seen .


Basically Mulethi is known for its medicinal properties but very few people are aware about mulethi's good effects on face or other parts of the body when it is being used as a face pack . It rejuvenate our face and keeps face pimple and acne free.

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