Make This Holi Natural with Organic Colors - Havintha

Make This Holi Natural with Organic Colors - Havintha

Holi is a popular and very old festival of our country. Other than India  holi is celebrated in several other parts of the globe. This festival symbolises true spirit of love, affection and also indicates  ending of sin which is symbolises with burning of holika dahan  one day before main holi. During holi festival everyone likes to play with colours. Here it is important that if we use natural and chemical free colours then we will protect our skin as well as we will help to protect our mother earth in long terms . In this festival of holi ,we greet one another with warmth feelings distribute sweet and hugs one another with great joy. 

Team Havintha wishes everyone a very happy holi and appeals everyone that we should avoid  the use of chemical colours. In place of Chemical based colours we should use natural eco friendly colours. Preserving  mother earth and its precious resources is everyone's first and foremost duty. One another important aspect is that ,we should  avoid excess use of water  in the name of holi. 

We at Havintha believe in the philosophy of walk the talk. Our all products are nature friendly and signifying the motto of back to the roots . If today we will do our efforts to conserve mother earth and nature tomorrow our coming generations will live more healthy and meaningful life.

With this we once again wish you all a very happy holi and happy rangpanchami. 

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