What is Collagen Builder and what are its health benefits ???

What is Collagen Builder and what are its health benefits ???

Collagen builder is a plant based supplement that has been specially formulated to boost naturally collagen synthesis in the human body without sourcing it externally from animal protein or any other forms of animal meat.

Normal Collagen Builder V/s  Havintha’s Collagen Builder

In general Collagen is usually found only in certain types of fishes ,whereas Havintha’s  collagen builder is concerned it is made of exclusively from the plant based sources . In human body collagen is made up of building blocks of very vital amino acids like Glycine ,Proline , Hydroxyproline , etc. .They all are properly structured with the help of Vitamin C . Vitamin C adds  a hydroxyl group in our body . this hydroxyl group is consists with Oxygen and Hydrogen . This hydroxyl group works to allow the acids to turn into a well formed ,strong helix shape .All these amino acids exists in the collagen supplements and the addition of vitamin C strengthens the formation of collagen. 

Thus , for simple understanding we can understand that whereas only general collagen is concerned they are mostly found in the certain fishes . But havintha’s collagen builder is purely made through vegetarian preferences or in other words it is made of plant based sources . havintha’s collagen builder is one such marvellous supplement which gives innumerable health benefits but no any side effect. 

With the advancement of age ,why collagen builder is  important or becomes necessity ?

With the advancement of our age or say with growing age our body reduces to produce collagen naturally through its auto production mechanism . It also looses its ability to absorb and synthesize nutrients efficiently . In such a case it becomes almost necessary or beneficial to add collagen builder in our regular diet plan as a supplement . Consuming collagen builder on a regular basis keeps our skin healthy other than other health benefits ,which we will discuss in later part of this blog . It helps to reduce aging sign ,makes us look more younger than our actual age .It also helps to lead an active and healthy life & has vitamins good for hair .

Different -different ways ,how Collagen builder can improve or effect our lives :

1. Collagen Builder as essential body requirement :

Since ,Collagen is a type of structural protein present in the extra cellular matrix . It helps in the formation of connective tissues that supports our joint other than its other health applications . Collagen provides skin its elasticity and inner strength . Collagen builder plays very vital role in proper growth and well being of bones ,nails and hair’s .Here it is very important to know that lack of proper collagen leads sagging of skin ,early signs of aging ,stiff joints ,brittle nails ,weak hair roots etc.etc.

2. collagen builder is a potential joint pain reliever :

Collagen builder protects the bones and their rubbing against each other . With the advancement of age lack of collagen leads to this problem of joint pain and stiffness . To avoid such kind of problem or complication using collagen builder is advisable and beneficial too. Here havintha’s totally plant based collagen builder has many cut edges over other brands . Its surety for purity and good quality ensures goodness without any side effect.

3. collagen builder improves our immune system :

Adequate amount of collagen inside our body helps to improve our metabolism . Collagen is a complex protein and contains various ( about 19 ) different -different amino acids like Arginine , Glycine , Glutamine , and proline etc. 

Glutamine is an amino acid that is responsible for healthy and strong immune system .It also involves in the cellular repair work and stimulation of the immune cells that leads to speed up the healing process of an injury and infections .

4. collagen Builder is a potential healer of leaky gut :

If any person is suffering from a leaky gut problem ,taking collagen builder can significantly improve this problem . In such kind of problem it becomes very difficult to pass food through the digestive tract . Collagen builder is helpful in this condition by improving the digestive system and digestion subsequently . the most effective benefit of taking collagen is the formation of connective tissues that seals and heals the protective lining of gastro intestinal tract .It also reduces the inflammation of digestive tract if any such kind of inflammation is there . there are various reasons which can lead for inflammation in the digestive tract and if taking collagen builder gives benefit in that ,its like a boon .

5. Helpful in detoxification process :

Collagen builder is very much helpful for the detoxification .It detoxify the body very effeciantlly . Glutamine and glycine found in the collagen are very important amino acids .When it comes to the affair related to our liver’s health they proves  very useful . These amino acids supports body’s natural detoxification process by the automatic process of our body . Biologically ,glutamine and glycine ,both combines together and produce glutathione .this glutathione is main antioxidant required by the liver to perform the process of detoxification.

Importance of Collagen builder for keeping skin healthy :

Low levels of collagen are oftenly linked with early sign of aging ,fine lines on the face and other parts of the body , wrinkles ,laugh lines and sagging of the skin . When our body provides right amount of collagen be it naturally or with the help of supplement all above mentioned skin related problems gets subsidize significantly . Skincare experts suggest that it is better to consume collagen builder instead of injecting them for skin related issues . There are various researches and clinical trials which proved that consumption of collagen shows much better and faster results due to high  rate of absorption.

Conclusion :

Thus ,we can see that collagen builder is very much important for our health ,especially with the growing age . havintha ,one of the prominent producer of natural collagen builder with its sure for pure policy fulfills all your aspirations of consuming good quality natural plant based collagen builder . Start as rarely as possible and see the difference within few days of its using.

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