Winter Season and Natural Plant-Based Butters for Skincare!

Winter Season and Natural Plant-Based Butters for Skincare!

It is said that the winter season is a season ,when we can keep our state of health at its best. In the winter season when our body gets dry and metabolism gets effected with the change of season some special techniques and things need to tackle them. The effect of dryness ultimately affects the skin's texture and skin gets dull and rough.

Keeping skin soft and fluffy in the winter season is a matter of choice and when choice comes then plant based butter are best choice. In the winter season skin demands additional care and nourishment. Fortunately alongside many moisturizers in the market now plant based butter are available. These butters can keep our body soft and rejuvenating.

In this article or blog we will get a brief idea about few best plant based butters.

Mango Butter:

Mango butter is that butter which basically gets prepared from mango seeds .It is basically a fat and also known as mango kernel butter.

Usually it is a semi solid in form and when stored in a cool temperature it gets a form of solid and becomes very useful skin care product.

Few Important  Benefits of Mango Butter:

* Mango Butter eliminates itchy and dry skin.

* It protects skin from the UV rays.

* Helpful from anti wrinkles point of view. 

* A very effective moisturizer. 

* It cleanses the skin.

Kokum Butter:

Kokum butter is derived from the seeds of Kokum fruit. Kokum trees whose botanical name is Garcinia Indica are basically cultivated in the tropical regions of the world including our countries tropical regions.

The fruits and seeds of this tree are being used in a variety of culinary, cosmetic products manufacturing and even some mediational applications. 

Skin benefits of the Kokum Butter:

* It gives moisturizing effect to the skin.

* It may soothe the inflamed skin.

* It is potentially useful for acne problem. 

* May subsidies visible signs of aging.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter is nothing but a seed fat comes comes out from the shea tree . Basically shea tree has an origin of east and west tropical Africa. The shea butter comes from two oily Kernels within the shea tree seed. There is a certain specialized kind of methodology or technique to get shea butter from that Kernel .

Shea butter is very useful for acne, burns, dandruff, dry skin, eczema and many other skin conditions. 

How does Shea butter works?

Shea butter works like an emollient. It generally helps for getting soften or smoothen the dry skin. Other than various skin conditions shea butter is also enriched with certain such substances that can reduce skin swelling. In this way shea butter is no less than a boon for those who wish to keep skin healthy and glowing. 

Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter is nothing but a type of fat that comes from the beans of Cocoa fruit.

To get cocoa butter the cocoa beans are taken out of the larger cocoa plants.  After that they are roasted ,stripped and pressed to separate out the fat from seed.

In this way preparing cocoa butter is an interesting process and it has multiple health benefits. Its main benefits are in the area of skincare. 

Benefits of cocoa butter:

Since , cocoa butter is high in fatty acids ,that is why it is very often used for nourishing and keeping body hydrated. It improves skin's elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over human skin when it is applied in the skin as a moisturizing solution. It also helps to hold and retain moisture inside our skin.

Conclusion: Thus, different-different natural plant-based butters are very useful for our skin and sometimes for haircare also. Havintha, which is a leading brand in the arena of natural and organic products manufacturing are also deals in the natural plant based butter. Their trusted brand and assurance of surety for purity makes all four plant based butters a superb substance to use.

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