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Shikakai powder
Shikakai powder Back Side
Shikakai powder Benefits
Benefits for Hair
Why to use Shikakai powder

Organic Shikakai Powder For Hair - 227 Grams

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    Shikakai powder Shikakai powder Back Side Shikakai powder Benefits Benefits for Hair Why to use Shikakai powder


    Adds shine and softness, Fights dandruff

    Gives you stronger, thicker hair, Avoids a dry scalp

    Delays grey hair, Removes hair lice, 

    Heals scalp & Gently detangles hair

    Shikakai powder Natural Haircare


    Benefits Of Organic Shikakai  Powder

    Natural herb is considered best to use in hair care. One such herb is Shikakai. It has been used for skin and hair care from ancient times and its benefits are mentioned in ayurveda.

    STRENGTHENS HAIR:  Shikakai is known to soften and smoothen your hair naturally, by releasing essential oils and vitamins that are key to hair growth. It also promotes hair growth and keeps your hair looking soft and shiny.

    THICKENS HAIR AND REDUCES HAIR LOSS: Hair loss lead to stress, which only leads to more hair loss. Using shikakai definitely help you to to regain your hair. It keeps your hair healthy, lustrous and shiny.

    FIGHTS DANDRUFF:  Shikakai is a great solution to dandruff worries, with its antifungal, antibacterial and nutritional properties. It can used to treat scalp dandruff.

    REMOVES HAIR LICE: It offers remedy against hair lice. It lowers the pH value along with its antifungal and antibacterial properties can stop the growth of hair lice.


    Havintha's Shikakai powder Benefits


    Benefits of Organic Shikakai Powder


    Makes Hair Strong and Healthy

    Hair Strong and Healthy

    To decrease hair fall, nothing can be better than  shikakai. This natural herbs when combined together with amla & reetha is one of the finest solution to reduce hair fall.

    Nourishes & Conditions Hair

    Nourishes & Conditions Hair

    It controls hair fall, dandruff, cleans your scalp, smoothers your hair, avoids hair damage & split ends.

    Gives Beautiful and Shiny Hair

    Beautiful and Shiny Hair

    According to ayurveda, dandruff is a condition marked by flakes of dry skin on the scalp. It controls dandruff and promotes hair growth due to it Tridosha property.

    Natural Shikakai

    100% Natural Ingredients


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    perfect hair wash and conditioner also scalp claner