How effective is a natural hair oil for hair loss problems?

How effective is a natural hair oil for hair loss problems?

Introduction: Hair loss problem is one of the biggest challenge and problem nowadays. Few years ago if average age group for loosing hairs was usually 40 to 50 years onwards, nowadays it has come down to 25 to 35 years . This is really an alarming situation.

What are the main reason for hair loss?

Hair loss as mentioned in the introductory part is very serious issue of modern time's. It is very surprising that average age of people in our country has increased in last few decades, but problem of hair fall is getting bad to worse in same period.

Now ,very simple question comes in the mind then what may be the reason of this problem of hair fall?

The answer is not one liner or so simple to answer easily. There are several reason which may be responsible for the problem of hair fall.
First and foremost reason is hereditary or genetic . If someone is observing a trend of hair fall right from early age ,it means his father or grandfather also may have faces similar kinds of problem in their earlier days . Here it is indicating that its their family problem which is transferring from one generation to next generation. Its very challenging to treat hair fall problem if it is due to this reason.
Another very prominent reason for hair loss is poor dietary habits. This problem is totally man-made and whenever anyone wish to get rid from problem of hair fall with re scheduling of dietary habits he or she can overcome this problem. Here role of good natural oil for hair nourishment & vitamins good for hair becomes important. Next valid reason for hair loss problem is hectic or haphazard lifestyle. In most of the youngsters this is most likely reason for untimely hair fall . Again this problem is reversible. If we will mind our haphazard lifestyle and keep it regulated, hair loss problem will be get controlled upto many extent.


Role of natural oil to control hair loss :

Now ,basic point or main point comes into picture. As we all know that nowadays market is flooded with adulterated items ,be it cosmetic products or any other items . Hair oils are also not an exception. Hair oils with artificial colour and fragrance gives more harm than any good to our hair's.
Yes indeed, natural oils which are made of natural ingredients like Amla ,Jatamashi ,Shikakai ,Brahmi ,Almonds etc etc are really very good for hair and they helps us to control hair fall and untimely greying of hair's. One should be very careful while selecting hair oil for self or family.

Conclusion: There is no any second thought that natural hair oil are beneficial for our hair's. They stops hair fall and gives positive results against hair loss problems.
Its very important to buy genuine natural hair oils from market place . Otherwise, if oil is not having natural ingredients in it and we are making ourselves fool in the name of natural oil ,it is more harmful. Be careful while selecting natural hair oil for the family or self .

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