Amazing Health Benefits of Bael Fruit and Bael Patra

Amazing Health Benefits of Bael Fruit and Bael Patra

Bael fruit has been considered very auspicious in our  country since the days of sagas .Its leaves were used to worship lord Shankar, a god of creation according to hindu belief.  Modern science and phytochemicals related invention has proved that bael patra alias bael leaves are also very useful for various ailments and skin related issues.

Bael as a fruit is a treasure of many good things and very widely used too. It is good for the digestive system, keeps ourselves hydrated and filled with very Phytonutrients. It's an interesting thing that almost every part of this plant is useful for mankind. Every part has one or another application for our healthy life. Bael fruits appear very hard from outside, but they are filled with juicy pulp from inside. This pulp comprises small - small seeds and when filtered it appears very tasty and gives a very pleasant fragrance too. Its aftereffects ( taseer ) is generally cool ,therefore it is very useful in the summer season. Overall, bael fruit and bael leaves have many magnificent benefits. 

Nutritional Value found in Bael

Bael fruit consists with Vitamin and a lot of other nutrients.  It has tannin, it has Peetin that is useful for diarrhea and loose motion. Bael fruit has calcium, fiber ,protein and iron in abundance. This is why bael fruit is considered good for our wellness and it promotes our immunity too.

Medicinal Properties of Bael

Bael fruit has tremendous health benefits and it has got wonderful medicinal properties as a good source of Phytonutrients and phytochemicals .It keeps your digestive system  in the fit and fine state .Its regular use keeps constipation and loose motion on the bay. Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda has had very high regards for bael fruit and  bael fruit gets  high place among other fruits for centuries. It is believed that bael fruits and its leaves powder are very good for diabetes, diarrhea, loose motion, scurvy and a few other health conditions. It keeps the body hydrated and proves helpful to avoid sunstroke and dehydration. 

How to take Bael Fruit ?

There may be several methods to take bael fruit or bael leaves powder according to your application and needs. Usually bael fruit's juice is considered very useful and health friendly. Its reason is very simple ,because in this medium bael fruit may be raw and fresh and if taken fresh anything gives more benefits than its other forms .But bael powder and bael leaves powder are also very useful. Usually every packet of such bael powder mentions how to use it and according to that prescription one can take bael powder. If taking fresh bael fruits pulp then it is better to prepare its juice with normal water and take it twice a day or whenever you feel thirsty. If going for powder form then also prepare its solution in appropriate quantities and consume it for maximum health benefits. One another very popular form of bael fruit is bael murabba, which is usually available in the market. Nowadays, bael powder  (both fruit and leaves) is available online in different- different commercial platforms. One very high quality bael leaves powder with the brand name of Havintha is available in various platforms including their own commercial portal. One can avail it and try for maximize health benefits. 

Benefits of Bael Leaves Powder

Just like a bael fruit, bael plant's leaves powder is also very useful  for medicinal applications . It can be used for various health and cosmetic purposes. It is found useful for curing diarrhea and other stomach related issues. 

Conclusion: Thus, bael fruit and bael plant's leaves are useful for versatile applications.  It has a long known history of medicinal applications. No wonder why this plant is considered very auspicious in hindu religion and its leaves are offered to pray and to please lord Shiva.

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