Good Quality Sleep: An essence of Good Health

Good Quality Sleep: An essence of Good Health

Good Quality Sleep: An essence of Good Health

Good health and a sound quality sleep are basically compliments of one another. Without a good quality natural sleep one can never think about good and sound health. Here health means both mental health as well as physical health. 

In fact nature itself has designed this universe in such a manner where taking sleep for a good number of hours out of 24 hours becomes essential.  If the need of sleep wouldn't be that much more important than nature never wouldn't have gifted us with the provision of nights .If we talk about the scientific aspects of sleep then also we will realize the importance of sleep . Science also suggests that only a healthy sleep can support a healthy  body both physically and mentally. 

Even WHO (World Health Organization) recommends and issues time to time guidelines about the importance of good quality sleep for a healthy person.

Why is Sleep Important for our Mental Health?

An adequate amount of sleep is very- very  important for and necessary for keeping mental healthiness. It is also necessary for keeping  our body's vital functionaries proper. Proper Sleep provides us with a proper state of mind. You may have noticed in your office or somewhere else, if any person wasn't able to sleep properly last night for some reason then he or she will behave very rudely, will show anger for some petty issues, and will feel  irritated. On the other hand if some other person who has taken proper 6 to 8 hours sleep will behave very properly and with a very cool and pleasant manner. Sleep helps the brain to direct new - new information to our memory. The process of this direction from the brain is called consolidation.  Inadequate amount of sleep contributes to increased beta amyloid deposits in the brain. Hence, we can say that it is necessary to understand that good quality sleep is very important for the proper function of our brain. It is not only true with the human brains but it is equally true with the animals too. Even they require adequate sleep and nature has gifted them such body mechanisms they can sleep anywhere and even in the standing positions too.

Why is Sleep important for our physical health?

Mental health and physical health are again co -related  with each other. If we feel tired or fatigue then it means our brain is not functioning with its best of capabilities. It is very clearly indicating that our brain's functioning is slow for some reason, which is finally driving for physical inactive state of our body .Sleep enhances the delivery of T helper cells through our body's system. This is very important because T helper cells regulate our body's immune responses. 

Therefore good quality sleep is utmost necessary for keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

Here are 10 reasons, why we don't get proper sleep:

1) Habit of taking sleep very lightly .

2) Excess use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine etc. etc.

3) Round the Clock or shift duties.

4) Jet Lag

5) Late night eating habits 

6) Failing to wind down before going to bed.

7)  Over Stress 

8) Sleep disorders 

9) Some medical conditions or pregnancy 

10) Side effects of drugs.

Going into the detail of each of the above pointed areas is beyond this Blog's scope line. But each and every point is very important for realizing the importance of proper sleep.

Conclusion: Thus, the importance of good quality sleep for leading a good quality life is as important as taking good nutritional food for our body. We should never underestimate the importance of good quality natural sleep. Once the habit of timely sleep gets irregular it becomes very tough to control it later.

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