Few Natural Methods of Gaining Weight!

Few Natural Methods of Gaining Weight!

Every human being possesses a certain weight.  But very few of them possess a proper body weight. Usually most of the people possesses either overweight or they fall in the category of underweight. Nowadays, keeping proper body weight is the biggest challenge. Many of the people in modern times are overweight but the opposite of this situation is also true. A good number of people are suffering with the problem of being underweight. 
Scientifically or medically our weight should be as per BMI . BMI is nothing but an abbreviation for body mass index. Ideal condition is that when our body weight  falls in the region of that which is suggested by the BMI, as per certain other factors like height, age etc. But if due to certain factors when our body weight does not fulfill the criteria as per BMI and it goes either beyond or falls down respectively then first is called overweight situation and  second is called underweight situation. These both conditions are not normal conditions and need to be rectified.
Here, in this blog we will discuss the underweight problem and its consequences, its remedy and home tips to get rid of it.

Consequences of being underweight
We all know that obesity is very much considered as a major health problem. But you will be surprised to know that the problem of being underweight is much more dangerous than the problem of obesity.  

According to one study being underweight was associated with a 140 percent higher risk of early deaths in males and about 100 percent in females. In contrast, obesity is associated with  50 percent higher risk of early deaths .This study very clearly showing that your health condition is much more worse condition when you are underweight .

What are the healthy foods to attain weight gain?

Our daily intake of food plays a very vital role for the business of gaining weight. Other than our regular foods ( according to our culture, geographical region and taste) , taking milk ,protein, shakes ,red meat ,nuts ,mushrooms, soy based products and butter are some of the healthy foods that can play a very important role for gaining weight. Going for nutrient rich meals is the key for putting on the right weight .When we opt for a weight gain program we should always keep in mind that we must focus on safe weight gain not just weight gain . We should be very careful in this process because it's easy to cut on fats but requires time to put on muscles while in a weight gain programmed.

Role of healthy lifestyle and exercises for gaining weight

It is very-very important to understand that only taking good quality food alone is not adequate for gaining weight in a sustainable manner. Doing regular exercise and following a good lifestyle is equally important for gaining weight.
Good lifestyle and doing  regular exercise not only helps in weight gain but it gives us a sustainable and systematic pattern for proper and optimum weight. Good lifestyle, which includes the habit of taking quality food in a disciplined manner, avoiding junk foods ,saying goodbye to alcohol and other spirit based beverages and use of tobacco in any form followed by good sleeping habits and avoiding late eating and late awakening.
Regular exercise is also a part of a good lifestyle. Basically a disciplined lifestyle and good habits are complimentary of one another.
Following are a few tips to gain weight at home

(a) Eat timely and instead of taking two or three big meals ,eat five or six smaller meals with some particular intervals.
(b) Choose those food items which are rich in nutrients.
(c) Try shakes and say goodbye to soda, coffee and other such beverages.
(d) Be conscious of added sugar and extra fat producing diets for a shorter gain.
(e) Do your regular workout.
(f) Enjoy protein and carbohydrate rich snacking .
(g) Instead of regular chocolate, eat dark chocolates.
Conclusion: Thus ,we have learnt that if obesity or overweight is a problem, then under weight is an even bigger problem. Dealing with the right kind of  body weight is a science and we should be very precise and very efficient to implement weight regulation methodology.

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