Herbal Products: How important are they for healthy living?

Herbal Products: How important are they for healthy living?

Nowadays, we are living in that age where awareness about herbal and organic products is at its best. The use of plants and herbs for the purpose of medicinal, cosmetic or supplements purpose falls under herbology, which means herbal family. The word herb is basically derived from the Latin word " herba". The Word herba or herb can refer to any part of the plant like its fruit, seed, stem, bark, flower, leaf, stigma, or even its roots. Various medicinal plants are used either for Ayurvedic medicine preparation purposes or they are being used by the cosmetic industry for the production of herbal cosmetic products. Herbal plants are very extensively used for essential oils and they are then used with their aromatic properties for aromatherapy, skin care, and healthcare. Now, more and more people are getting aware of the long-term benefits of herbal products and they are switching for these products. 

Why Herbal Products?

When there are many ready-to-use products in almost all categories, then what is the need of herbal products? This question is very obvious and very often strikes many people's minds. The answer is herbal products are safe, without any long or short-term side effects, and they give a permanent solution of any problem rather than a temporary quick-fix solution. Herbal products are made from plants and shrubs and plants and shrubs are manifestations of nature. Nature, knows very well what is good and what is not so good for mankind. If we will keep co-existence with nature, then we can make this planet a better place to live in. And for keeping better co-existence with nature, using herbal products in anyways is the best way. If I try to give a simple example to understand this thing, how nature-gifted things are a better choice for us, here is one simple example. We all know that water and oxygen are two essential things for our living and if these two things we take from nature then they are in their best forms, in contrast to laboratory or plant-made water or oxygen. In the same way, nature-made herbal things are always better as raw materials for our day-to-day cosmetics or supplements. It's a very normal phenomenon and a proven fact that nature and natural things never do any harm to our health, skin, or hair, but the same can't be said about synthetic formulation-based products. If they are giving some good effects in the instant it does not mean that this will be a permanent solution to our problem. 

Herbal Products v/s Chemical based products:

As we have already got an idea about the basic concepts of herbal products. And we also know about other kinds of products i.e. synthetic formulation-based products. Now, here the main point is what is the basic difference between these two. The basic difference is that herbal products are always harmless provided they are purely herbal. Sometimes, many herbal products are adulterated and mixed with chemicals for giving instant results. We must always check the authentication of the quality of herbal products instead of relying upon just the manufacturer's claim. The cosmetic industry is very vast and very influential, many cosmetic products get wide publicity and attractive promotions. 

Conclusion: Thus, the importance of herbal products is immense, and now their demand and popularity increasing day by day. India is a land of Ayurveda and yoga. People from India knows the goodness of herbal products for ages. The only thing which is important is that we should have the knowledge to judge real or fake herbal products so that we can use genuine products.

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