Essence of Vitamins and Minerals for our day to day life

Essence of Vitamins and Minerals for our day to day life

Vitamins and minerals are two very important components  for our day to day life and a healthy growth overall. They are essential for keeping ourselves fit and healthy both physically and mentally. A healthy human body needs a certain amount of daily dose of vitamins and minerals for proper and proportionate growth. Sources of vitamins and minerals may vary but their supply to everyone's body is very much essential and as important as daily food and water is for keeping the body perfectly and overall health development. 

How important is daily intake of Vitamins and Minerals?

We all know that Vitamins and minerals are basically micronutrients that are responsible for several life sustaining biological processes. If many people may get their daily required amount of Vitamins and Minerals from their daily diet ,others may need to take supplements for fulfilling daily amounts of required vitamins and minerals. Although, it is advisable to take supplements under the guidance of a doctor or any certified dietician. In our body each vitamin and mineral plays a different role in the bodily processes. Here it is important to know that consuming sufficient amounts of required Vitamins and minerals is an essential part of eating a balanced diet. Since each person's dietary needs and dietary habits may vary little or more, but if a benchmark number for vitamin and minerals intake could be made as a point of reference then it will be highly helpful to fulfill a daily requirement of recommended amount of Vitamins and Minerals.

The FDA (food and drug administration) sets out guidelines for the amount of different vitamins and minerals an individual should take daily. But it is also true that every individual's need for nutrients may vary and it will finally depend on every person's age, height, body weight, overall health and geographical conditions where he or she is living for a long time.

Common Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies

Irrespective of how good and nutritional diet we use to take in our daily meals ,there is very much possibility of getting some minerals or vitamins deficiency. 

Some of these deficiencies are as follows. 

Vitamin A 

Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D

Vitamin E



Vitamin C



Reasons for above mentioned Vitamins and Minerals deficiencies may vary from person to person. But ,it is very commonly observed phenomena that most of the people face deficiency of one or more Vitamin or mineral from above placed list .Simple reason for that may be an age factor, certain medications ,pregnancy, breast feeding, diet or some other, but possibility of having deficiency of any one or more is very general trend among most of the people.

What to do to avoid deficiency of vitamins or minerals in our body?

To avoid deficiencies of vitamins or minerals in our body best thing to do is always take Vitamin and minerals enriched diet, eat plenty of green  salads and fruits ,avoid alcohol and tobacco, do yoga and exercises plus get exposed to morning times sunlight, especially for getting Vitamin D. If for some reason we couldn't get proper vitamins and minerals through our daily diet then taking vitamin and mineral supplements is not a bad idea. Today, there are several good quality such supplements in the market, the only thing is to buy genuine products and if possible go for plant based supplements. Always remember one thing whenever you are taking any new brand consult your physician or certified dietician for its pros and cons. 

Conclusion: Thus, we have got some idea about the importance of vitamins and minerals in our day to day life. It's a very vast and complex subject. Many things are beyond the scope of this blog but still it's a sincere effort to cover more and more things related to this subject matter.

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