Herbal Tea and its Health Benefits

Herbal Tea and its Health Benefits

Herbal tea is a modern day's very popular and demanding beverage. In this Blog we will discuss about few aspects of it with following subtitles. 

  • What is Herbal tea.
  • How Herbal tea is different from a normal tea.
  • What are its Health Benefits? 
  • What makes good to  a Herbal tea?
  • Conclusion.

What is herbal tea ?

As we all know that tea in general is a second most popular beverage in the world. Above tea which ranked first is water only .People all around the world are drinking tea for thousands of years. But it is that normal tea which is made of tea leafs only. 

Here in this blog we will discuss about herbal tea , a modern days favourite beverage of many.

Herbal tea is relatively a new concept. Whereas normal tea is concerned it is produced by steeping the young leaves and leaf buds from the plantation area of the tea gardens . After that these tea leaves processed and dried before reaching into the hands of its end user .

Herbal tea manufacturing process is slightly different. Herbal teas are made from tisanes ,which are generally blends or infusions of dried fruits or other things like flowers, spices, herbs etc. Tisanes have been known for its medicinal properties. Green tea is also a variety of herbal tea . Herbal tea has various health benefits ,even modern medical science is also convinced with this very fact .Useful antioxidants are found in the herbal tea.  They are known as polyphenols ,Main advantage of herbal tea is that they are totally caffeine and nicotine free .Certain variants of herbal tea are used as preventive medicines and instant relief providers. Even health practitioners and dieticians are also use to  recommend herbal tea for various ailments. 

Three main herbal teas considered good for health :

  1. Ginger tea
  2. Chamomile Tea 
  3. Hibiscus tea

Ginger Tea 

Ginger tea is very popular for its aroma and taste other than its health benefits . it contains the antioxidant gingerol ,which has dieses fighting property .ginger also contains certain amountb of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 ,Iron,pottesium, and vitamin C . Ginger has variety of health benefits .It has  a potentially anti blood cloating property .ginger is good for cold ,cough ,asthama and many other seasonal problems like sneezing ,mild fever etc.etc. 

Chamomile tea :

Chamomile tea is emerging as an excellent beverages with multiple health benefits . It gives a calming effect if taken before bed time . Basically chamomile is an herb ,taken from the flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Since, Chamomile contains variety of bioactive phytochemicals ,therefore it has got very good medicinal properties too. Chamomile also contains certain amount of minerals and vitamins ,such as potassium ,calcium ,carotene and folate. 

Hibiscus Tea :

Hibiscus is a malvaceae family’s flower . It possesses very bright colour .The most common colours are Red,Orange,Yellow ,White and mixture of Red and White or red and Yellow. The calyx is that part which protects the bloom . Dried calyces are used for producing hibiscus tea . It has very significant amount of antioxidants in it . apart from antioxidants hibiscus tea offers antiviral and cardiovascular benefits .Few studies suggested that drinking hibiscus tea may help to control lower blood pressure .It is also concidered beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol level from our body . 

How herbal tea is different from regular /normal tea?

As far as regular tea is concern ,it is made from the camellia sinesis plant which is normally known as a tea plant . In other hand herbal tea is made with various herbs ,flowers and spices . Sometime it can be made with any one ingriendiant or many a time it is prepared with the combination of one or more items which usually falls in the herbal category . 

What are the health benefits of herbal tea ?  Most of the health benefits are already being covered in the pervious topics of this blog . Still ,few  main benefits of herbal tea are worth re-mentioning . That are its  property of full with antioxidants , vitamins and some other vital substances . Herbal tea is like a boon for many ailments and for giving a perfect lifestyle . In one hand ,it fights with morning sickness  same time if taken before going to bed it becomes perfect stress reliever and calmness provider . It makes our body’s metabolism a perfect one . Herbal tea is good for weight management also . 

What makes good to any  herbal tea ? 

There are several kinds of herbal tea in the market today . But ,only few are really good and worth using them out of many available choices . A good quality herbal tea must be made with pure herbal extracts and it should be totally chemical and addictive free . it should not added with artificial colours or flavours . And it also important that it should not be added with any essence for giving fragrance .Its natural fragrance makes it good and beneficial . havintha’s herbal tea are that kind of herbal teas which gives surety for purity . They are completelly fulfills all those parameters which makes any herbal tea a good herbal tea .havintha always procures their raw materials from very trusted and genuine sources . That is why choosing havintha’s herbal tea could be a wise choice .

Conclusion : Thus , drinking herbal tea is not a fancy choice but it is a need of the hour . Herbal tea is undoubtedly  a fast emerging beverage which gives life a perfect combination of tea and healthy drink all together .

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