International yoga Day and its significance :

International yoga Day and its significance :

International yoga day will be celebrated worldwide on 21st June ,2022.This day every year is fixed to celebrate yoga day by the United Nations since 2014 .
This year the day will be celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm after two - three year's long and scary Covid-19 pandemic.
As we all know that Covid-19 has become a trauma and cause of psychological suffering for many . It has not only gave physical illnesses but it also has proven major culprit for mental problems. Here ,Yoga does play a very significant role from coming out from this kinds of mental health challenges and illnesses.

Yoga : A proven way of healthy life.

Yoga ,an ancient system of our Indian culture is always proved beneficial for a healthy life . Its a real gift to mankind from our ancient Indian sagas and saints.
In modern time a growing trend of yoga across-the- Nations is a real testimony for its usefulness. Yoga gives healthy body ,healthy mind and also becomes a medium to generate crystal clear thoughts with purity in them. Yoga is a medium through which we can rejuvenate our lives .Yoga ,only demands little time from us but in return it gives immense benefits.
The word " Yog" is basically derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj ,which means " join " or " to unite ". This word symbolises the unity of mind and body ,thought and action , restraints and fulfillment and in broad prospects harmony between human beings and nature . Yoga is a totally holistic approach to attain these all with little self discipline and self control. One can live stressless life with the help of Yoga .

Theme for 2022 Yoga Day :

The theme for this year's yoga day is " Yoga for humanity " . Keeping humanity at the top if the priorities is need of the hour too. This year's theme for world yoga day in true sense symbolises same .

When very first " International Yoga day" was being celebrated?
Although, Yoga is a part and parcel of our Indian culture and its lifestyle. Many of the Indian people already use do do yoga practices even before declaring this day as an international yoga day . But when our Indian government put its sincere efforts and send its recommendations to the United Nations then its proposal got accepted and U N decide to celebrate 21st of June every year as an international yoga day . This was being implemented and celebrated from June 21,2015 globally. It is a great achievement and recognition for our ancient vedic culture and philosophy,yoga is a one part of that.
Today ,more than 170 countries are celebrating this day with full enthusiasm. Every year yoga day is being celebrated under different- different themes. This year's theme is " yoga for humanity " as already discussed earlier . Yoga is really that gift to mankind and humanity worldwide which gives maximum returns in minimum investment. Our investment is our litte time to do yoga and its related other activities like meditation etc. Yoga not only provides external good health and endurance but it also provides internal calmness and peace of mind to its practitioners.

Conclusion: Thus ,Yoga is a way of healthy life. We must opt yoga as our best and regular companion if we wish to live a quality life .Yoga makes any person mentally strong ,physically better and psychologically perfect individual.
We at Havintha always keeps nature at foremost position . Yoga is also related with nature only ,therefore we at Havintha highly recommends to all of our valued customers please realise the importance of yoga in your life and spare few minutes if not hours for daily yoga practice.
Wish you all a very Happy International Yoga Day .

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