How to Keep Hair and Skin Healthy in Summer Season with the help of Natural Masks

How to Keep Hair and Skin Healthy in Summer Season with the help of Natural Masks


In our wellness Blog series, we are presenting various wellness issues-related blogs with their applied uses for our readers. We have already covered various topics related to wellness and a good healthy lifestyle. We are receiving very encouraging feedback and suggestions in response to our blogs.

Here we have come up with yet another fresh Blog in the same context.  In this blog, we will give our readers a new aspect of making natural masks for proper haircare and skincare, especially from the point of view of the summer season. 

Summer Season and proper Hair or Skincare : 

Summer season not only brings various health-related issues but also offers a tough time for proper haircare and skincare management. In this season, excess temperature, hot waves, and dry ambiance give our skin and hair a real-time challenge. Skin gets burned and the probability of skin dryness, pimples, and acne gets increased manifold. If we don't take adequate and timely care then the problem becomes tough to tougher. Drinking a lot of water keeping the body hydrated, eating light healthy meals, and cleaning the face or neck from time to time are a few natural methods to combat summer season challenges. 

In the summer season not only our skin gets dull and dry but our hair also gets damaged. If we use natural and chemical-free products for our hair's health and skincare then we can avoid many problems. Chemicals like Parabens and Sulphate or preservatives are very harmful to our skin and hair. If we use organic products after replacing synthetic formulation-based products, we not only avoid many complications but also prove helpful for Mother Earth's wellness cause. 

Single Ingredient-based Mask : 

Our skin and hair demand good quality care for their proper nourishment. There are various synthetic formulation-based haircare and skincare products in the marketplace. They do more harm than benefit in the long term. What we are suggesting in this blog of ours is something different. We are presenting here a list of easily manageable single-ingredient recipes for making very natural and very effective face or hair masks.

Let's have a little elaborate idea about those single-item-based natural masks.

 Potato Mask : 

We know very well, that potatoes are a rich source of Iron. Iron promotes a healthy and glowing complexion. Potato has a wonderful phytochemical called Azelaic acid in it. This Azelaic acid helps our skin to get bright and shiny in a natural way. In addition to good skincare, Potato juice promotes the growth of hair follicles. Potato juice prevents hair from getting thinner and prevents hair fall. Making a potato mask is very easy and it doesn't require any special technique or skill. It is like any other ordinary kitchen recipe preparation only. First of all, we need freshly cleaned potatoes. After selecting one or two potatoes cut them into a size and mix a small quantity of normal water in them. After mixing them blend it into a mixer grinder and pour the mixture into a strainer. When this mixture gets mixed properly take its juice and apply it to your skin or hair as per your schedule. After some time wash it neatly and see the difference. 

Fresh Tomatoes face or hair mask : 

Tomatoes are a natural source of antioxidants. 

Tomato has lycopene in it. This lycopene helps our skin to repair its texture.  Tomato-based lycopene improves collagen synthesis and enhances the radiance of our skin. In addition, Tomatoes contain acids like Malic acid. Malic acid is very useful for helping the skin to tighten its loose pores. Tomato's natural acids are also very useful for our hair's health. Making tomato masks is very simple and very easy. Take one or two ( as per need ) tomatoes and make their paste, get it filtered, and apply it as per your plan. It can be used either as a natural skin mask or as a natural hair mask.

 Yoghurt Hair or Skin  Mask : 

We know very well that Yoghurt is a wonderful source of lactic acid.  But other than lactic acid, yogurt also contains a good amount of protein and prebiotics in it. These all-natural elements make it an extremely useful item for making a natural face or hair mask. Its goodness for our skin, especially in the summer season is magnificent. In the summer season, this mask works as a natural cooling agent and provides a soothing effect to our skin if applied as a skin mask. It is good for hair roots and the scalp too. Provides adequate protein externally while used as a hair mask.

Making and using is very easy. Take an adequate amount of Yoghurt and dilute it with a small amount of water then apply wherever you wish to apply. It is good for the purpose of skin masks and equally important and useful for the purpose of hair masks. 

 Oatmeal Mask : 

The good thing about Oatmeal is that, it contains saponins. Saponin is a natural cleanser and it works as a natural cleaning agent. Its blend of saponin and natural oil makes it good for exfoliating and brightening properties. Saponin is helpful for the removal of dead skin cells and it has anti-inflammatory properties too.

For using this mask simply pulverize the oatmeal, and add a little water to make a paste of it. Apply this paste to the skin or hair and leave it for at least half an hour. After that rinse it properly. 

Papaya and Banana Mask: 

Papaya and Banana masks are two very marvelous natural masks for skin and hair nourishment. 

Papaya contains high vitamins, especially vitamins A and C, that help to subside pigmentation. It also helps to promote skin regeneration. 

Using Papaya for mask purposes is very easy, cut it into two pieces, mash it properly, and apply it to the hairs or skin as per your application. 

Similarly, the banana mask is yet another nature's marvel. Banana mask is very good for the hair's health and proper nourishment. It helps in the thickening of hairs and when we use it for skin toning it helps greatly there also.

Using is very simple, just mash a ripened banana and use it as a mask.

Avocado Mask : 

The avocado mask is yet another superb fruit mask. It gives skin and hair an adequate amount of good nutrients and works like a superfood.

Gives skin youthfulness and hair roots or scalp also gets nourishment. 

Making and using an Avocado mask is very easy. Take ripened Avocado and mash it properly to make its thick paste. After mashing properly add a little rose water for the skin mask and olive oil for the hair mask before using. Once the desired quantity of paste gets ready as a mask apply it to the body or hair and leave for about 20 - 25 minutes and then rinse it with normal water. 


Thus, we have given here detailed information about the single ingredient-based natural mask. If you have a shortage of time then you can try the prominent natural brand Havintha’s ready-to-use masks also. They are very good and very result-oriented.

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