Is Chia & Sabja Basil seeds are same

Is Chia & Sabja Basil seeds are same

Difference between Chia and Sabja Basil Seeds! 

Chia seeds and sabja basil seeds ,both are very good for any good health aspiring person . They both are gaining good popularity nowadays among health freek people . Both fall under the health supplement seeds category but among many users there is a sense of confusion about their identity .Many people gets confused about their real identity and think that both are similar but the case is not like that. In this blog we will try to address this issue and try to give a detailed idea about their real identity and how to make discrimination about these two.

Main Difference : The main difference between Chia seeds and Basil  is that sabja seeds are black in colour and round in appearance on one hand, while on the other side Chia seeds are grey ,white and black in colour but oval in shape . Apart from that difference chia seeds are slightly bigger in size as compared to sabja seeds.

One another prominent difference is in the area of water solubility. Chia seeds take time to absorb water but sabja seeds swell up instantly after soaking in the water.

Few other differences between Chia and Basil seeds:

* If chia seeds are native to central and southern Mexico ,then in contrast to that sabja seeds are native to India and the Mediterranean region.

* One significant difference between the two is their colour difference. Chia seeds are usually a mixture of grey ,black ,white and sometimes brown colour also. On the other hand sabja seeds are uniformly jet black in colour.

*As far as their appearance is concerned ,that is also different from one another. Chia seeds are oval in shape but sabja seeds are  elliptical  very much like tiny rice grains.

* One very interesting difference between two is their behavior on soaking in water. Sabja seeds swell up within seconds when they are mixed with water on the other side chia seeds take quite longer time to absorb water within them .

Uses and their health benefits: 

Health benefits of chia seeds -

*They are a good source of proteins and omega 3s.

* Highly useful for weight loss.

* Good for energy and general endurance.

* Helpful for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Health Benefits of sabja Seeds:

* Sabja seeds are considered very good for acidity control as they give a soothing effect to the stomach.

* Very good source of vitamins.

* Helps to promote healthy skin and healthy hair.

* Very useful for detoxifying the body.

How to consume or use : 

As far as consuming these two seeds is concerned, Chia seeds can be taken raw or after soaking them but sabja seeds can be taken after soaking them only.

Conclusion: Thus we have given a detailed idea about how to distinguish between chia seeds and sabja basil seeds. We hope readers must be enlightened with this information. If still you need any assistance feel free to write us on havintha webiste.


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