DHT and Hair Vitamins! - When and how to use them?

DHT and Hair Vitamins! - When and how to use them?

Our physical beauty is very much around our hair. If our hair is healthy and presentable then automatically our physical appearance becomes charming and presentable. Good hair provides us with good self esteem and self confidence too. To keep hair healthy there are certain things like good dietary habits, genetic factors, good lifestyle etc.

But due to various reasons today even after good dietary habits we are missing other things and losing our hair in  very early stages of our lives. To overcome this problem other than good chemical free shampoos the role of DHT Blocker and Hair Vitamins is very much essential. In day to day use many people are getting confused about DHT Blocker and Hair Vitamins, therefore to clear their confusion this informative article type blog is intended.

Everything You Need To Know About DHT Blocker is as follows:

DHT is basically an abbreviation form for dihydrotestosterone. It has a lot of business with the modern time's big problem, that is hair loss.

DHT is basically a sinister figure walking among our follicles. The main hormone involved in male pattern hair loss is very much related with DHT. DHT can attach to receptors of our scalp and it may damage our hair follicles. Slowly but surely this can lead to a receding hairline ,thinness of hairs or even sometimes heavy hair loss too.

DHT is basically a type of androgen (male sex hormone). It is being produced by our body itself.

Our body produces DHT as a byproduct of testosterone through the action of an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase.
How to use DHT Blocker?

Although, the effectiveness of DHT blocker in any person's body depends upon several factors. DHT blocker do not magically revert the pattern of baldness, but surely they may check or prevent it in some according to their body type.

If you are planning to start taking DHT Blocker, then it is highly advised that you must go for any plant based organic DHT Blocker instead of synthetic formulation based products. Plant based DHT Blocker are always safe and they don't have any side effects on our body .As far as how to use them is concerned, every manufacturer use to give their how to use glossary or advisory on the product's label  itself ,just follow that or take any qualified trichologist's advice before starting DHT Blocker.

Hair Vitamins and their Effectiveness...

Hair vitamins are basically those supplements which are purported for the  benefits of hair healthiness. Most of the hair vitamins are contained with Biotin, vitamin C and E ,Collagen etc. They may also contain a few herbs like ashwagandha and ginseng in them. The effectiveness of hair vitamins depends upon person to person with their psychological and emotional factors. Apart from these factors few other factors like dietary habits, lifestyle,  family genetic history also do play significant role. Taking hair vitamins for hair growth and its proper nourishment is not a bad idea, nowadays the market is flooded with several such products but it's very important to choose a good quality hair supplement for regular use. Plant based hair vitamins are always a wise choice and it is good if before starting hair vitamins take any well qualified triochologist's opinion.

Difference between DHT Blocker and Hair Vitamins...

It is very often misunderstood  by many that DHT Blocker and Hair Vitamins are similar products but it is not true.Hair vitamins and DHT Blocker are two entirely different kinds of products. As far as DHT Blocker is concerned it is related to men's hormone and therefore it may be useful for mens only .But on the other hand hair vitamins are equally important and beneficial for both men and women .If men take a combination of DHT Blocker and Hair Vitamins then it is more useful but the same is not true with women. Women need not take DHT Blocker. Plant based  Hair Vitamins are fortified with pumpkin seeds extract, pygeum ,green tea extract etc. etc.


Thus, however both DHT Blocker and hair vitamins are meant for healthy hair growth and their nourishment but both are having slightly different role to play. It is always a good choice if you opt any herbal plant based DHT blocker or hair vitamin like Havintha hair vitamin and DHT Blocker.

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