Masoor Dal Face Pack : A natural and Easy to use  Solution for the Radiant Glowing Skin .

Masoor Dal Face Pack : A natural and Easy to use Solution for the Radiant Glowing Skin .

Masoor ,is basically a lentil being used for edible purposes. Its scientific name is Lens culinaris. Other than edible purposes Masoor dal also very useful for keeping our external body part ( skin ) healthy and beautiful. 

It provides glowing skin with eradication of pimple and blackheads .

In this Blog of ours we will cover all these aspects which comes under skincare category from the point of view of masoor dal and its uses for the purpose of skincare management. 

What is Face Pack ?

Face pack are basically thick and creamy herbal or synthetic ( lab made with chemicals) skin care products being used for the skincare.  Face pack are useful for cleansing or skin conditioning when used  in a particular frequency .Face pack can be applied directly to the face and need to be spread evenly while used. In last few years awareness about the use of face pack ,specially herbal based face pack is increased rapidly. Among all other face packs most popular and effective face pack is based on the lentil called Masoor Dal and is very  common all over India. Nowadays, almost every age group people are using masoor dal based packs or some other face packs .After several studies it is found that every healthy skincare regime includes regular use of face pack .Face pack is generally a very easy to use kind of solution for the good skincare. In modern time several companies including few very reputed companies are manufacturing face packs and generating a huge turnover out of it.

Herbal Face Packs:

Herbal face packs are those face packs which are made from natural organic products without using and chemical or preservatives. It does not contain any artificial color, artificial fragrance or artificial additives in it . Source of herbal pace pack are either plant and its leave based or lentils based . One such marvelous face pack is being manufactured through edible graded Masoor Dal. 

Natural Face Pack For Skin Whitening has many advantages over its counterpart chemical based face packs . They not only cleans face or neck but also provides nourishment to them.

Chemical based face pack with synthetic formulation:

Chemical based face packs are those types of face packs ,which are being produced  after lab  based R and D and its  formulation .Mainly chemical based face packs contains gelatin ,silicone or some other chemicals. However, chemical based face packs are also very popular and even few very reputed brands are involved in this category of production. 

Masoor Dal as a natural face pack solution:

Masoor dal alias Lens culinaris  is a perfect lentil for the purpose of face pack.

It has got very natural property of cleansing, hydrating and removing dead cells from the skin .Most of the herbal packs use either fullers earth as a base or masoor dal as a base for face pack.

Masoor dal powder is quick result provider for skin ailments and wellness.

Masoor Dal Face Pack advantages:

Let’s look at some benefits of  masoor dal  based face pack on our face and skin:

  • It has got very high nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. These vital elements make it an excellent skin cleanser. *Masoor dal helps to get rid of dirt and impurities on our skin. It works on almost every skin type. 
  • The exfoliative properties of Masoor dal  become helpful to get rid of acne and blackheads.
  • The bleaching properties of Masoor dal makes our skin lighter and even out its tone.
  • Masoor dal face pack for skin whitening can also remove tan lines, blemishes, and dark spots.
  • High antioxidants property of masoor dal help reduce skin wrinkles and premature ageing by reducing damaged cells from free radicals and tightening the skin.
  • Masoor dal face pack for skin whitening is also beneficial to the skin in multiple ways. It also allows moisture to penetrate the skin after exfoliation,especially when blended with honey or rosewater. 

Havintha's masoor dal face pack:

Now ,we comes to that point which provides very important information. A rapidly growing market leader brand ,brand Havintha is a prominent and very promising brand in the field of  face pack . Masoor dal face pack is their yet another marvelous product. 

Havintha's state of the art manufacturing facility and their very proven and stringent raw material procurement process makes this face pack really a distinct one.

Right from raw material procurement to the final quality control test ,every process is so impressive. 

Behind every packet of masoor dal  powder or face pack Havintha's trustworthy assurance and guarantee is there .

How to use Masoor dal face pack?

  • Using method of masoor dal based face packs or face scrubs is as following. 
  • Take masoor dal powder or ready to use face pack as per requirement ( 1to 2 Tbsp for face and accordingly more for full body or neck portion)
  • Add 1/3 cups of raw milk or rosewater. 
  • Make a thick paste and apply it in a circulation motion very gently. 
  • Keep it for approximately 30 minutes and then wash off with normal water or any good quality herbal cleanser.
  • You will feel the difference in a short span of time.

Thus ,masoor dal face pack is just like a boon for those who wish to keep their skin perfect .

Havintha's face blooming pack and masoor dal powder are few such products which provides a totally rejuvenating skin to its users. If you are a natural products lover then definitely you will fall in the love with this product of Havintha.

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