Varicose veins problem management

How to use Ratanjot for Varicose veins problem management?

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Till now we have covered various subject matters under this wellness category of articles and blogs. Almost every topic and its subject matter received good appreciation and good suggestions. Here is yet another very useful and very informative article which is  focused on very useful topic .This topic is about the Varicose veins ,its complications, chances of its cure and how Ayurvedic herb Ratanjot is found  useful in this direction since ages . Once you will get an idea about the problem of Varicose veins, then its effective management through various ways including use of Ratanjot powder  ,which is made from its roots or other parts  of plant can be done appropriately.

It is evident that Ratanjot, has very miracle power to cure or to suppress Varicose veins related complications in sport persons and in common people as well . We will try to cover all these aspects along with basic reason of developing this problem after attaing certain age .

What is Ratanjot ?

Ratanjot is a flowering plant being used for many medicinal applications. Its scientific name is Alkanna tinctoria or simply alkanet as it is addressed normally.

The Ratanjot plant is also known as dyers bugloss.

Ratanjot plant has few other names too . Other names of Ratanjot are as following.

  • Orchanet.
  • Spanish bugloss .
  • Languedoc bugloss.

Basically, Ratanjot is considered to be a native plant  of Mediterranean region. This plant has 30 chromosomes and is regarded as a dysploid at the tetraploid level. Ratanjot plant's botanical family is known as  Boraginaceae and its genus is called  Alkanna .

Ratanjot has usually a bright blue color flower . The plant has a root of blackish appearance with a whitish core. Ratanjot's root use to  produce a fine red color material, which has been used as a dye in the Mediterranean region since  ages .Ratanjot is also very traditionally used in Indian food items . Its color and taste enhancer properties makes it a very distinct from other traditional herbs .It has  aroma producing flower and a useful stem bark . Ratanjot roots are having special mediational properties and is very effectively used to cure wounds ,fever etc.

What is Varicose veins?

Varicose veins is a medical condition, especially related with legs and feet and more often finds in sports persons.

However, actual cause of Varicose veins is not established yet. Its symptoms also not appear directly and in some cases they cause aching pain and discomfort or signals an underlying circulatory problem .

Ratanjot powder : An  effective Ayurvedic herbal treatment for the problem of Varicose veins.

Ratanjot is used both  externally and internally for the ailment of Varicose veins related problem. Ayurvedic system of medicines highly recommends ratanjot root's extract powder for effective Varicose veins management. It gives instant relief from itching and rashes. Ratanjot powder can be used in many ways . Although it is beyond the scope of this Blog's subject matter to describe it in more detailed fashion. In some another blog we will try to cover those aspects in detail. However, one of the leading brand of natural herbal products with the brand name of Havintha also produce Ratanjot powder. Havintha provides all useful details and how to use guideline in its every  packet .

Why athletes are more prone to the Varicose veins?

As we all know in general that athletes are physically more fitter and tough guys as compared to the common people.But ,unfortunately Varicose veins is one such medical condition ,which is found in athletes and some other sports people more often  rather than a common person. What is the actual reason behind this typical coincidence is however not established clinically. But it seems that excess work pressure and physical toll leads such problem into the sports personalities.

Most of the athletes train themselves very hard . Their performance can also take a toll on their bodies. It is very necessary for the athletes to take proactive care of their bodies from the point of view of Varicose veins. Usually Varicose veins problem appears due to  a weakened valves or increased blood pressure.  Sometimes, prolonged sitting or standing also leads for this problem of Varicose veins.

Following are few major reasons why athletes are more prone for the Varicose veins problem.

Athletes play sports that requires player's legs to support additional weight for relatively longer period of time. Weight lifters are classic example of this phenomena.

Athletes play such sport where prolonged periods of sitting cause blood to pool in the lower legs .

Many time sports person play a sport where externally or internally extreme physical pressure becomes responsible for the damage of vein valves or breaks existing Varicose veins . Football is one such sport, where possibility of such kind of damage is very common.

Havintha's Ratanjot Powder: It is  an outstanding product being made from natural and chemical free environment.  Raw material is procured either directly from growers or from very reliable sources. Havintha has its own state of the art mashinory and very traind and qualified team of experts. It is available online and offline through various commercial platforms.


Thus ,Ratanjot an ayurvedic proven herb is an excellent natural source that can manage Varicose veins problem effectively. Many ayurvedic practitioners already use to refer it in their prescription for Varicose veins. There are many manufacturers in the market place .One leading producer of Ratanjot powder is the brand Havintha with its class apart quality. Its state of the art manufacturing facility gives assurance for a world-class product with nominal price range.


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