Natural Methods to Control DHT : How much useful is Havintha's plant based DHT Blocker ?

DHT is basically an abbreviation form the Dihydrotestosterone . DHT has a very significant role in our lives. In this Blog we will try to emphasize Havintha's DHT Blocker and its role as a natural solution to control DHT in our body.

Topics to be covered in this Blog. 

*What is DHT and how significant is Havintha DHT Blocker ?
* Ingredients.
*Role of DHT in human body .
*Main cause of DHT rise
*Is fewer or higher DHT okay for us?
* What are the consequences of blocking the  DHT .
* Natural methods to control DHT.
* Bottom Line .

What is DHT and how significant is Havintha DHT Blocker?

DHT is nothing but its an abbreviation form for dihydrosterone ,which is naturally found in our body.Basically, DHT is a sex hormone, that has few other names, i.e. Androstanolone or stanolone . DHT's main function in the human body is to stimulate male characteristics.  One interesting fact about DHT is that,it is produced by both men and women in their bodies. But its major role is considered in male gender. During embryonic life, DHT is primarily involved in the sexual differentiating function of organs . There are several manufacturers but prominent plant based DHT Blocker is brand Havintha . Havintha's DHT Blocker has bamboo shoot, Green tea extract ,pumpkin seedsextract, Biotin, Omega-3 in powder form, Bhringraj extract, Phytosterol powder ,Pine bark extract and hair vitamin component in it .

Role of DHT in the human body :

As far as its role in the human body is concerned, it has an immense role to play.  DHT plays a very significant role in the sexual development of male's. When embryonic life started, ,DHT is involved in the sexual differentiating purpose of organs. Not only during adolescence but also during adulthood. Havintha's DHT works to promote prostate growth, sebaceous gland activity, male pattern baldness, and pubic hair growth. 

Havintha DHT Blocker and body building:

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is basically an androgen hormone.  It plays a very vital role in the development of male characteristics on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has a role in maintenance functions as well. Since DHT is a potent form of testosterone, it is therefore responsible for various physiological processes in human body. These processes include the growth and development of muscles, tissues, etc. They are an important part of body building. Havintha's DHT Blocker is an excellent product in all respect.

Main Cause of DHT Rise:

In our body, the right amount of DHT is very essential. The right amount of DHT is determined by the amount of testosterone present in our body. The level of testosterone determines the fate of DHT in our body. 
When the level of testosterone increases, a significant part of it is converted into Dihydrostosterone . Thus, as a result of this conversion, the level of DHT automatically increases in the body. Here, it is important to know that a rise in DHT level is not a good sign for the human body. It affects various ill effects in our body, including hair fall.

Is less or more DHT is good or bad for the human body ?

The right proportion of DHT presence in our body is very important.  However, it is very tricky situation, and with the change in age group, its requirements also change. In small babies, when the level of DHT is too low, it affects the development of male sexual characteristics. In next stage, known as adulthood, a high DHT level may be responsible for various non desirable health issues. They are enlargement of the prostate, male pattern baldness, etc. In this way, we can say that it is very important to have the right amount of DHT in our body. Havintha DHT Blocker is best choice for obtaining regulated amount of DHT In our body. Because in either case, a very high or very low level of DHT is not advisable and its optimum amount is recommended for a healthy and better life. In the different stages of life a different amount is needed, and for maintaining this optimum balance, natural methods are very good. 

What are the consequences of blocking DHT :

DHT Blocker in general, don't harm the human body. But it is better to avoid synthetic formulation-based DHT blockers. Some DHT-blocking drugs in the form of medicines or supplements may cause side effects like decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (ED) and some time early ejaculation issues, etc.

Natural Methods to Control DHT:

Natural methods to control DHT are very effective and very important too. Here are certain food items that are found to be very effective for controlling or regulating DHT .  
* Coconut Oil
* Onions or some other food items rich in quercetin
* Termeric. 
* Camellia sinensis plant extracts green tea .
* Pumpkin seeds
* Edamame.

Other than the above edible items, foods rich in lycopene are very helpful for blocking or controlling DHT naturally. 

A few other food items helpful in this regard are berries, liver legumes, and oily fish.

Another very important natural method to control DHT is yoga activity and a few specific Asanas. In another Blog we will cover this aspect in detail, as the very elaborate description is beyond this blog's subject matter .

Ingredients used in Havintha DHT Blocker:

Green tea extract, Pumpkin seeds extract, Biotin, Omega-3 powder, Bhringraj extract, Phytosterol powder, Pine bark extract etc.

Bottom Line : Thus , in this Blog we have given a very descriptive idea about natural methods to control DHT and usefulness of Havintha's DHT Blocker. We hope our readers will like it and provide their valuable feedback to us .

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