Weak, Thin and Unhealthy Hair or Strong, Thick and Healthy Hairs: Choice is yours

Weak, Thin and Unhealthy Hair or Strong, Thick and Healthy Hairs: Choice is yours

Nobody in this world would like to live with less hair or be completely bald. Unfortunately baldness is a major growing concern and alarming problem among youths of today. As we know very well that human hairs are their most precious thing and they give anyone a sense of perfection. Hair is a symbol of our presentable personality .Here in this introductory basic blog we will discuss a few things related to healthy and strong hairs and what majors one should opt to maintain healthy, strong and long lasting hairs.

Weak and unhealthy hairs may be an early wake up call for the future baldness

Although the problem of baldness mostly depends upon our hereditary history, certain other factors are also responsible for this very unpleasant problem. In any human being when a situation comes in which he or she loses his or her hair due to any known or unknown reason that condition is called baldness. Another name of baldness is alopecia. In general baldness is usually noticeable on the surface of the scalp. The condition of baldness or alopecia is very unpleasant or normally undesirable for any healthy person. But anyway if they have to face it for some reason it becomes very difficult for them to cope with this problem.

What causes weak or low density hairs or baldness? 

However, there is no set rule or any particular reason for this typical problem. But still we can point out a few common causes responsible for the problem of losing hairs or baldness. Main factors causes baldness are as following :

  1. Aging

  2. Hormonal changes

  3. Telogen effluvium, which is an illness condition, leads to shedding of hair

  4. Family history or genetic reason

  5. Malnutrition, especially related to hair growth

  6. Alopecia aerate

  7. Trichotillomania is also known as hair pulling

  8. Fungal infection affecting to scalp

  9. Certain chronic diseases

What are the early symptoms of baldness?

It is purely a dependent situation. Some people may get baldness in their late fifties or sixties. On the other hand many people may get baldness problems in their thirties or even twenties itself. In most cases it can be detected with  little precise observation. Symptoms of losing hairs or early baldness are also different -different gender wise. Usually male pattern baldness is inherited and its beginning may start at any age. Usually if receding hairline is observed in men it means it is somewhere down the line beginning of baldness.

As far as the female baldness pattern is concerned, in females its pattern is entirely different from the male pattern. Usually, the very first sign that women may see towards the beginning of her thin hair or baldness is widening of the part. One thing totally different in female patterns is they rarely result in total hair loss, unlike their male counterparts. 

Is stopping or checking the hair loss problem is in our own hands?

Yes, to a large extent we can say that losing hair or weakening hair problems can be checked provided we take note of it timely and take adequate precautions well within time. If we take certain majors like good hygiene ,good dietary habits, taking less stress, regular walk and proper cleanliness of our hairs we can check or stop this problem of hair loss. Of course, certain factors like genetic or hereditary problems related to hair loss are not in our hands but many other factors which are related to hair loss problems are in our hands only.

What are the  major steps to make hair healthy and long lasting?

There are several internal as well as external factors, which influence hair growth and hair healthiness. As far as internal factors are concerned they are mostly genetic or hereditary. Other than that few others are taking medicine for some illness or taking a few diagnostic treatments like frequent X Rays or other types of radioactive exposure etc. For these things we can not do much and they are inevitable for some other functional requirements. But, there are several external factors too, which affect our hair’s healthiness and its growth. Unhealthy food habits, hap-hazard lifestyle, using sub standard haircare products and inadequate sleep are very prime reasons for hair quality damage or total hair loss. We should avoid each of them and try to use good quality hair care products as much as possible. Using organic and herbal based hair care products is one very vital factor towards prevention of hair loss.

Nowadays, the market place is flooded with chemical based shampoos or conditioners ,but very few of them are good for our hair. Using organic or herbal shampoos and conditioners is a proven way for good hair care. Products like market leader in the field of organic dry powder based shampoo’s havintha gives hope in this direction. Their 3 in 1, 4 in 1 and few other herbal shampoos, hair conditioners and plant based hair vitamins are like a boon for those who really aspire to keep their hair healthy and long lasting.

Conclusion : 

In this way keeping hair healthy is very much in our hands. We should avoid substandard haircare products and instead we should go for organic and herbal hair care products. We all know that our great sages, scientists and renowned literary people used to possess long, healthy hairs, although there were no shampoos or conditioners unlike today. So, what could be the reason, simple answer is home remedies and good healthy dietary habits. Same home remedy based hair care products are now being produced by brand havintha, thanks to them for that.

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