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Reetha based natural & organic Hair Shampoo for perfect haircare

Our series of Blogs ,related with wellness and organic products is getting tremendous support and viewership from our readers spreading in a width and length of various parts of globe . So far we have already presented good number of Blogs with variety of topics related with wellness and organic category products. 

In our latest and totally afresh Blog, here we are presenting yet another topic with a title " Reetha based natural and organic hair shampoo for perfect haircare". 

As we all  know  Reetha is a nature's very own cleansing substance with a property of low  foaming in it. We will try to cover more and more such  informations regarding reetha which are useful for our day to day use . Reetha based herbal or natural shampoo are very effective and  getting very popularity in modern time.

Reetha as a plant

Reetha plant is a big sized plant ,usually founds in the Himalayan and coastal parts of India , southern parts of China ,Parts of Nepal ,Japan ,Taiwan and few other countries as well . It is usually found above or around 1200 meters of heights from the  sea level. 

Its scientific name is Sapindus mukorossi and botanically this plant falls under the family of Sapindaceae plant family .It has a large deciduous tree with strong stem and branches in it. Its leaves are usually having dark green colour  and in general its fruits are used for cleansing purposes.

Reetha is very popular since ages and it has got its mention in our old  Ayurvedic scriptures too. Reetha fruits are also  known with various other names .  Reetha is also used for various medicinal  purposes since ages in our country other than its haircare application . 

Reetha Fruit : 

Reetha fruit ,popularly known as soapberry  is mainly  used for cleansing purposes. It is a very popular ingredient for the  Ayurvedic formulation based shampoos and hair conditioners . Reetha fruit contains saponins, which have natural foaming and cleansing properties . Reetha fruits are also used for few medicinal applications in our country.  Ayurvedic system of medicines prescribes Reetha for some ailments too. However, subject matter of this blog is restricted within haircare applications of reetha this time.

Reetha fruit based natural and organic hair shampoo is undoubtedly a best choice for those ,who don't want to use chemical based shampoos and conditioner  for their day to days hair wash.

 Nutritional Value of Reetha : 

Reetha ( soapberry) consists saponins, sugars and mucilage in it . Reetha seeds are rich source of protein and show a balanced amino acids in them.  It is also mentioned in a high level report of certain international agencies that reetha fruits  carry amino acids. Not only that Reetha or soapberry, possess phytochemicals  like polyphenols and saponins in it . One another important phytochemical in reetha fruit is beta sitoslerol. Since , Reetha fruit has good nutritional value ,therefore it helps to provide nutritional value to the human hairs.

 Synomous names for Reetha: 

Reetha or soapberry has many other synomous names . Following are few synomous nsmes for reetha .

  • Soapberry. 
  • Soapnut .
  • Washnut.
  • Aritha.
  • Dodan.
  • Dodani.
  • Kumbha beeja.
  • Peeta phena.
  • Phenila.
  • Raksha beeja.
  • Arishtaka.
  • Prakeerya.

Reetha a natural cleanser : 

Mother nature has provided us everything in abundance for our  healthy  and natural life . These item includes from edible items to our day to day requirement's cosmetic products . Reetha ,is one such herbal remedy for our own cleansing purposes as well as for the purpose of our clothing cleaning in form of soaps and dry powder . 

Nature has gifted such a wonderful quality to the reetha fruit,they can produce natural lather .Reetha fruits are environment friendly with no any harsh chemicals in them . This is the reason why they can be choosen for various cleansing applications including hair cleansing. 

Reetha has phytochemicals, mainly saponins and sitoslerol. They are very efficient and powerful for cleansing purposes, especially for hair and scalp cleansing .In this way Reetha fruits (soapnuts ) are wonderful gift from nature for our cleanliness. No need to describe that cleanliness leads towards healthiness. Healthiness is a most important and prominent factor for happiness . 

Reetha based natural shampoo: 

Shampoo and conditioners are an essential items for proper haircare. Without shampoo we can't imagine a proper way of cleansing our long and dense hair's. Although, nowadays market place is flooded with synthetic formulation and chemical based shampoos and hair conditioners. But we should not forget that these chemical based shampoos and conditioner does more harm than good to our hair's in long term. 

Reetha based natural and organic shampoo is best substitute for these chemical based shampoos. Reetha has natural cleansing properties and it has vitamins and other phytochemicals in it. Reetha based shampoos gives our hair a new lease of life .Hair becomes strong ,soft ,shiny and lustrous ,if we use reetha shampoos, especially when such shampoos contains few other herbs like Shikakai, Methidana, Ratanjot etc.

Ayurveda, recommend reetha based herbal shampoo since last so many decades. Our Ayurvedic scriptures has special mention of reetha fruits for haircare and practitioners of this system of ayurveda use to recommend reetha for proper hair cleansing, eradication of dandruff,wounds  and lices etc. Reetha has not only cleansing property but it has meditional property too.It helps to heal wounds ,works as natural antifungal and antiseptic. In this way reetha and reetha based haircare products are an ideal choice for our day to days use.

Havintha's Natural Shampoo with Reetha: 

Havintha is one of the market leader brand  for  natural and chemical free organic haircare product manufacturing.  Havintha shampoo's one of the  primary ingredient is reetha. Havintha is known for its commitment for surity for purity in every product being produces under its umbrella.  Reetha based shampoos and conditioner are not exception. They are made with high graded reetha fruits ,procured directly from the growers most of the time. Havintha's state of the art machinery, best team of botanical subject and professionally trained quality control team makes every product a distinct one.

Havintha has very rich and wide range of herbal shampoos, and almost every shampoo is blended with reetha .If someone uses Havintha's herbal or organic shampoo for once he or she becomes permanent user of it with very good results. 

This way Havintha reetha powder shampoo is one of its kind shampoo and probably one among few top brands .


In this blog of ours we have tried to address few important aspects related with reetha and reetha based herbal shampoo. Reetha is really nature's gift to us and it has versatile applications. We must promote its more and more uses ,so that we can keep our wellness perfectly safe and secure. Same time we will help to keep our mother earth free from chemicals, addictives and preservatives.

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