Sulphates and Parabans free totally Natural Shampoo: A boon for the healthy Hairs

Sulphates and Parabans free totally Natural Shampoo: A boon for the healthy Hairs

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • What are Parabans ?
  • What are Sulphates ?
  • Harmful effects of Paraban and Sulphate
  • Best alternative of Paraban and Sulphate based shampoos
  • Natural Hair shampoo and its specialities
  • How Sulphate and Parabans free shampoo is a boon for healthy hairs
  • Main ingredients of herbal powder based dry shampoo
  • Havintha and its range of herbal Shampoos
  • How to use ?
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Preface: We are living in the age of science and technology plus chemicals.

Almost everything we consume is consists with one or another chemical in it.It may be in form of preservatives, addictive or artificial color or fragrance. Most of the time to make a product fancy and more appealing, its manufacturers add some sort of fragrance or colours in it even without its much need,which is not a good practice. In the influence of such product's attractive promotions and fancy advertisements we fall in the trap of such synthetic formulation based products. Our organic hair shampoo, hair conditioners and other haircare products are not an exception and they are filled with such chemicals especially parabans and sulphates.In a first instance they appear very attractive and easy to use but they are very harmful for our hairs and scalp. Have, we ever thought why our ancestors and old days sages use to possess such a long ,attractive and healthy hairs. Thanks to their  natural yogic lifestyle and habit of using herbal products for body and hair cleansing.

In this Blog of ours, we will emphasise upon ,how chemical based haircare products, specially Parabans and Sulphate based hair shampoos and conditioners are harmful and how can we avoid their uses with better herbal remedies. How to use herbal shampoo, FAQs etc etc.

What are Parabans?

Parabens are basically those kind of chemicals which very regularly being used for the preparation of cosmetic products. Other than cosmetic industry few other industries also use Parabens. Irony is that these Parabens are not very health and environment friendly but still they are in very huge demand .Main health issues related with Parabans are that they may disrupt the normal function of Hormonal system which can affect male and female reproductive system's normal functioning. Usually, Parabans are derived from the para - hydroxybenzoic acid ( PHBA) . According to some studies biggest concern with using Parabans is that they sometimes disrupt hormones in our body .This could also lead  some major health related issues like affecting of sperm count in the males and menstrual cycle related issues in the females.

What are Sulphates?

Sulphates are those polyatomic anion which has empirical formula of SO2-4 . Sulphates are widely used in the industry including manufacturing of the haircare products. It is found that using excess amount of Sulphate in any form may damage our lung function, it can aggravated asthmatic symptoms and it can be a cause of some serious health issues sometime.

Sulphate makes hair dry also takes out moisture content from our scalp. It means it works as a culprit to make hair unhealthy an unattractive. Sometimes after using Sulphate based shampoos and conditioners our scalp gets too much dryness. This dryness leads for irritation. It means Sulphate may strip our scalp of its natural protective oils , leaving the hairs dry and brittle. It also may make   scalp  dry and itchy .Ultimately if this problem persists for a longer period of time then it can become a cause of hair loss.

Harmful effects of Paraban and Sulphate:

Above given reasons are sufficient to understand how much damage Parabans and Sulphates can cause to our hairs and scalp . Not only hair and scalp ,but many other vital organs of our body gets affected by the harmful effects of Parabans and Sulphates if used in excessive amount or used  in very regular basis.As far as their substitute is concerned there are herbal natural products in the market place which can give relief from Paraban and Sulphate's ill effects.

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To make hair and scalp healthy full with sufficient moisture and natural grace avoiding Paraban and Sulphate mix haircare products is real virtue.

Best substitute of Parabans and Sulphate based shampoos:

However, paraban and Sulphate based haircare products are not good for our hair and scalp ,but still most of the people are using those haircare products which contains them . It may be due to lack of knowledge or general awareness about their harmful effects. It is a good information for our readers that there are good quality natural herbal Shampoos and conditioners in the marketplace. Natural ingredients like Amala ,Shikakai, Flaxseed, Hibiscus, Aloeveera, Fullers earth ( Multani Mitti) , Reetha, Jatamansi are few such wonderful herbs and fruits which can work like a miracle for our hair's good  health. These items are not only good for our hair and scalp but they are good for our environment also. Chemical based shampoos per unit production needs huge amount of water and other resources, in contrast to that natural herbal Shampoos consume less resources with better results.

Herbal Shampoos gives good result and great value for money.

Natural Herbal powder based Shampoo and its specialities:

Natural herbal powder based shampoos are free from toxic materials.  They don't contain any artificial color, fragrance or additives in them .It contains all natural and chemical free ingredients.

Following are few specialities of natural powder based herbal shampoos .

  • They are free from Parabans.
  • Does not contain Sulphate.
  • They are mostly gets prepared without any synthetic preservatives.
  • Good for hair and scalp .
  • Maintains our hair and scalp's moisturising properties.
  • Gives hair roots proper nourishment.
  • Loaded with Phytonutrients.
  • An ideal choice for regular use .
  • Made with all natural ingredients.
  • Saves thousands and thousands gallon of water during its production as compared to chemical based synthetic shampoos .
  • Saves environment from getting polluted.

How herbal shampoo is the boon for our hair's?

Our mother nature has given us everything in abundance. Need of the hour is to identify good elements from the nature and use them instead of synthetic formulation based products.

Herbal shampoos not only makes our hair healthy, shiny ,sparkling but also they helps to make hair roots strong and resilent. Scalp gets rid of dryness and itchiness when used herbal products i.e. shampoos and conditioners.

Herbal shampoos saves our hairs from ill effects, saves our environment and same time they saves our money too.In this way they are boon for our hair and our overall wellness.

Main ingredients of herbal powder dry shampoo:

Herbal Powder Shampoos are  mailly consists of dry Amala fruits extract ,Shikakai roots powder, Methidana Powder, Aloeveera, Reetha fruits extract, Jatamansi powder, Multani Mitti, Hibiscus flowers petel's extract etc.etc.

These all herbs or fruits are time tested remedy for healthy hairs and scalp .

Brand Havintha and its classic range of powder shampoos:

Havintha is a market leader in the area of herbal powder based shampoos and conditioners. It has got wide range of herbal Shampoos including its flagship brand 4in1 shampoo. Every shampoo produced by Havintha has  a magical effects on its targeted user's hairs.  It has natural shampoo for almost all hair types and all age group people. Its 100 percent Ayurvedic formulation based recipe gives its shampoo a unique touch. They are totally different from their counterparts and free from artificial color, fragrance or additives.

Using them is very easy and once one gets its using practice it becomes very simple to use them even on ghe daily basis if required.

How to use Powder based dry  shampoos ?

How to use a powder based herbal shampoo is a very common curiosity among its first time users . Although using them is as simple as using  any other shampoo is.

It requires relevant information and little change of habit.Its every packet contains  appropriate information about its using method.  In general, for using any dry powder based shampoo it needs to soak it well and make its paste or diluted version with the help of normal water. After that using becomes very simple and user friendly. After applying onto the hairs it should be leave for sometime and then it needs to rinse out properly. If any specific technique required then it gets proper display over its packet.


Here are few frequently asked questions about the powder based shampoos.

Q: Is powder based dry shampoo complicated to use ?

A: No ,they are not complicated to use but yes they are bit different to use from their counterpart liquid shampoos.

Q: Is my hair regrow if I use Powder based shampoos?

A: If you regularly use natural herbal shampoo defenitly hair fall will stop and in some extent hair will also start to regrow  due to a clean scalp and healthy cells.

Q: Is it useful for dry hairs?

A: There is a specific shampoo which suits for dry hairs .

Q: Is my hair stop to get greying by dry powder shampoo?

A: Getting hair greying will defenitly subside with its regular use, provided there is no any medical reason for this problem.

Q : Is powder based dry  shampoos costly than normal shampoos?

A: No ,its a myth ,per time using  cost of it is either at par with any other good quality shampoo or may be little higher or lower too.


Thus ,we have given important information about powder based shampoos in this Blog of ours .We hope our readers may have find it interesting and informative.

Goodbye till next wellness Blog and do take good care of yourself.

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