Try these skin care products and their combinations to get rid of various skin problems

Try these skin care products and their combinations to get rid of various skin problems

Introduction: Nowadays, skin care and its proper management is becoming very tough and very   challenging.  There are several reasons for this, but one important reason is that today market place is flooded with multibrand products which deals with skincare. Most of the products are essentially made with chemical ingredients.  If skin care products are made with chemicals then they may seem useful for short term but in long term they prove harmful for our delicate skin.

Havintha, a leading natural and chemical free skincare product's manufacture has come up with very promising range of natural ingredients based skincare products.

What are the  basic rules to keep skin healthy and shiny?

As far as keeping skin healthy and glowing is concern ,up to many extent it is in one's own hand. Keeping self stress free ,adopting healthy lifestyle, good dietary habits ,keeping body hydrated and taking sound sleep are few majors which can prove helpful for healthy and glowing skin.

How Havintha is useful to address this issue?

Havintha is totally committed towards its commitment and resolution for manufacturing only and only natural products. Havintha, basically deals in three major segments. They are skin care, haircare and healthcare.  All three categories are strictly and very categorically follow the norms of 100 % natural and chemical free products. In fact Havintha is re-establishing  our age old traditional home remedies and Ayurvedic scriptures based remedies for all three segments.

Here we will focus upon only skincare category. Havintha has got beautiful spectrum of skincare products.

Here is a list of main - main products manufactured by Havintha.


* Amba Haldi

* Rose Petals Powder

* Multani Mitti

* Cucumber Powder

* Manjistha Powder

* Masoor Dal Powder

* Almonds Powder

* Gram Flour Powder

* Activated Charcoal

* Pomegranate Powder

* Aloeveera Powder

* Beetroot Powder

Any few other products are either in the pipeline or already have been launched .

Any one from them is good for skin according to its manifestation.  But if used in a combination then it becomes like a boon for good skincare.


Few very effective tested  combinations for skin related common problems :



Besan + Amba Haldi + Rose Petels Powder + Manjistha ( optional)


Acne : 

Masoor Dal or Besan + Almonds Powder + Rose Petels Powder + Manjistha 

Black Head:

 Gram Flour ( Besan) + Activated Charcoal + Pomegranate Powder + Aloeveera 

Dead Skin :

 Pomegranate Powder  + Besan + Aloeveera + Almonds Powder 

Oily Skin  :

Beetroot Powder + Activated Charcoal + Multani Mitti + Amba Haldi 

Dry Skin:

Aloeveera + Almonds Powder + Cucumber Powder + Besan or Masoor Dal


Almonds Powder + Activated Charcoal + Pomegranate Powder + Rose Petal Powder 

Dark Circle:

Cucumber Powder + Amba Haldi + Almonds Powder + Rose Petels Powder 

Pores :

Activated Charcoal + Masoor Dal + Aloeveera + Multani Mitti 

Likewise, many more combinations out of Havintha's production line can be made for skins total makeover.

Apart from these dry herbal ingredients based skin care products, Havintha also deals in essential oils which are also very effective and useful for skin care purposes.


Havintha's range of essential oils consists with following essential oils.



Some magical combinations of essential oils  out of these 13 essential oils for various skin related affairs :


To make night time moisturizer make a blend of  10 drops  rose essential  oil, 5 drops Rosemary oil ,5 drops Lavender oil ,5 drops Jasmine essential oil with 2 tablespoons almond oil.Mix them properly and store in a cool place . Its massage on a face and body gives fabulous texture to skin and makes it radiant .

To make a foaming Face Wash :

Making foaming face wash with the help of Havintha's essential oil and few other things is easy .Take 100 ml mild unscented castile soap, 100 ml distilled water, 1 Tbsp. sweet almond oil, 20 drops jasmine essential oil and10 drops rose essential oil. Mix  them properly and put  in a pump dispenser and use accordingly. 

 Essential Oils That Go Better Together :

Here is a combination of essential oils which works like a wonder if used together regularly. 

For a sound  night  sleep: Lavender + Rosemary.

To clear up congestion: Peppermint + Eucalyptus.

For acne: Tea tree + Rose.

To replace your toner: Rosemary/Rose +  orange.

Other than these combinations many other combinations can be made with little " do it yourself " approach for better skin and health management .

Conclusion: Thus ,this blog post is given here, keeping best skincare for common men and women in mind .We hope you will find it  interesting and useful.

If you wish to know more, feel free to write us at our mailing address.

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