With the advancement of age maintain the Firmness & Glow of your skin.

With the advancement of age maintain the Firmness & Glow of your skin.

Introduction- It is a well known fact that in every passing phase of life our skin gets change of texture as well as change of firmness. Whenever any baby takes birth his or her skin seems very soft and fragile.  But once he or she starts growing their skin starts to change . Likewise in youth days if our skin has some specific kind of texture and firmness in it ,with the passing of time skin gets changed  .

One should always take proper care of his or her skin, otherwise in older days our skin will certainly loose its firmness and its charm. Skin will get affected with wrinkles and looseness. 

Once we attain age of 35 to 40 ,how our skin starts to loose its firmness: 

Our skin naturally becomes less defined as we attain certain age . There are several natural and scientific reason behind this type of change .Depleting Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are mainly responsible for this loss of definition and firmness. Although it is very difficult to stop this aging process completely but with certain measures we can slow down the process of aging of our skin and its firmness. With the help of right kind of skincare management and a disciplined lifestyle this process of aging can be controlled up to some extent. Around the age of 35 to 40 most people start to experience skin laxity or looseness of its firmness. Modern time's hectic work schedules and very demanding lifestyle are also responsible for this phenomena  

How to check or control skin sagging problems?

Now ,most important question comes into the mind ,how to check this sagging problem?

We will try to address this question's answer here  with brief summarise fashion. 

As already mentioned earlier that around 35 to 40 years of age ,most of the people start to experience skin laxity or skin looseness. To avoid or to dalay this problem one should essentially follow, following practices. 

(1) Add antioxidants into  your regular routine :

Antioxidants protects the skin from free radicals, who harms the skin cells badly.  Antioxidants are best known for their anti aging properties.  They helps us to maintain firm and tight skin with glowing texture. Fortunately, many skincare and healthcare products of leading organic brand Havintha are filled with naturally driven Phytonutrients based antioxidants. 

( 2) Use Vitamin C  as much as possible on daily basis: 

Vitamin c facial serum is one of the most popular antioxidant works greatly for skincare. Collagen and elastin are produced more rapidly, which keeps the skin firm and tight .If we take Vitamin C in our daily diet it is good but if alongside use skincare products with Vitamin C as one ingredient it is like a boon for skin. Havintha’s many products are already made with natural vitamin c, specially those products which are having amla ,orange ,lemons etc etc. Havintha's face glooming powder, face scrub and face packs are filled with naturally driven vitamin c in one or another form. 

( 3) Try Cocoa Flavanols and hyaluronic acid :

 As far as cocoa flavanols is concerned it is easily available in the market.  A daily intake of cocoa flavanols  which is a component of chocolate, improves skin elasticity and same time reduces wrinkles . However, all chocolates does not necessarily carry high level of cocoa flavanols . Choose those chocolates only which are essentially carry 320 mg of cocoa flavanols .Second thing hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurred substance that is typically founds in the skin's connective tissues .Supplements containing hyaluronic acid may prove beneficial for anti aging and skin's firmness. 

( 4) Avoid sunlight directly over the skin :

Direct exposure of sunlight, especially summer days does very much harm to our skin . To avoid this exposure there are several UV protective sun creams are in the market.  But most effective way to avoid sunlight exposure is to cover face and body properly while going outside ,avoid unnecessary sunlight exposure and of course one another important method is use UV protective sunscreen creams and lotions. UV rays and lights causes fine lines ,wrinkles and hyper pigmentation into the skin .Best way to get rid of this problem is prevention and prevention is totally in our own hands.

( 5) Get good quality sleep :

Lack of good quality and adequate sleep is one another reason for skin deterioration. We must take good quality sleep as much as possible.  Havintha's sleep management is one very good supplement which can be prove really effective and useful for good quality sleep. Nowadays, due to excess work load ,stress or hectic lifestyle many people are lacking good quality sleep ,which eventually harms our health and we loose our skin's charm . If needed, taking Havintha's sleep management pills may be a good option because it is totally natural and chemical free product without any side effect. 

( 6) Manage your stress : 

Managing stress level and getting rid of stress is in our own hands .Stress is one of the prominent culprit which harms our skin and overall health . Stress causes inflammation and prevents the body from repairing itself . The hormone cortisol mainly breaks down skin collagens and elastin.  Therefore, it is utmost necessary to avoid unnecessary stress into our day to days life . If needed Havintha's healthcare products can be tried which contains Aswagandha, a natural substances which fights with stress and anxiety. 

( 7 ) Stay hydrated: 

Our skin and overall healthy growth very much depends upon water and its right proportion at right time.  As the largest organ in our body ,our skin requires good amount of water to maintain its elasticity. Although, its not a quick fix formula but in long term keeping hydrated is key to good skin and good health.  Havintha's many skincare products like cucumber based face pack or rosewater are good products to use for keeping skin hydrated. 


Thus ,with above mentioned practices and methods one can easily improve the firmness and general wellbeing of skin .

We hope you will find this article useful ,especially from the point of view of skincare with the advancement of age.

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