What is The Specific Need of a Hair Conditioner?

What is The Specific Need of a Hair Conditioner?

Our hair are very significant part of our body and they define our external beauty and sound health state too. They are not only important for their functional basis but play very vital role in our overall personality perspective also. As good looking and maintained will be our hairs as pleasant our personality will be. 

In modern times due to various reasons, hair gets damaged and an early baldness is very common among new generation people. Initially it was felt that doing shampooing regularly may be adequate but of late it is felt that doing shampooing  alone is not enough . Shampooing works in the arena of cleansing but not sufficient for proper nourishment. Hair conditioner gives proper nourishment and maintains hair and scalp’s good health.

As a good quality conditioner smooths out our hair’s cuticle layer and same time leaves a protective  layer on the top of every hair strand. Hair conditioners protects hair against the environmental changes and temperature changes. Hair gets less damaged and extra nourishment if a good quality hair conditioner is being applied on a regular basis.

Is it necessary to use hair conditioner?

In modern times circumstances and an alarming polluted atmosphere, yes it is almost necessary to use hair conditioners on a regular basis. If you wish to have healthy, shiny, silky, and lustrous hair then don’t forget to apply  hair conditioner on your hair. Avoiding hair conditioner means making hair’s more prone to breakage which may ultimately lead to the appearance of thinning hair.

Four Important Reasons to Make Hair Conditioner your regular companion:

  1. Hair conditioner gives hydration to the hair roots .It is alike our face and body skin that needs moisturization for its healthiness. It helps to seal the cuticle ,minimize frizz and increase the appearance of fullness and volume. 
  2. Our hair needs extra protection to cop with harsh weather and environmental changes. Hair conditioner is best tool for coping these problems. Regular hair conditioning helps to protect your locks from the damage due to various reasons . Good quality hair conditioners, preferably herbal or organic based hair conditioners are  really very helpful for protecting and providing healthiness to the hairs. They are even good against sunlight effects and UV rays directly falling upon hair’s surface. They makes a protective layer over the hair and goodness of hair’s texture gets protected.
  3. Good quality hair conditioner are found very useful against tangles .regular hair conditioning makes combing easy through knots and snags ,less painful and more convenient to comb . Even if someone is having a habit of brushing ,hair conditioning makes it easier to brush and style.
  4. Hair conditioner usually increases elasticity and shine into the hair’s . When hair are dry and dull they are more prone to get damaged .Conditioning nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft to improve hair elasticity. 

Difference between Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

Where in one hand hair shampoo is basically a cleansing agent which contains surfactants and other things that helps remove oil, sweat, dirt, product build up and environmental damages caused to the hair. 

In other hand conditioner contains proteins ,botanical extracts that helps to keep hair soft, shiny, silky and smooth.

Thus basic difference between two is if hair shampoo works as cleanser ,in other hand hair conditioner works as protective tool and extra protection provider tool for our hairs. 

Conclusion : Thus, we have given a brief but effective idea about natural hair conditioner, natural hair shampoo and basic difference between two for a general user’s understanding. We hope you will like this blog and appreciate it.

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