Why Doctors are so important in our society?

Why Doctors are so important in our society?

" The doctor of the future will give no medicine,but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame ,in diet and the cause and prevention of disease"

Thomas A. Edison

Above words ,once said by the all time great visionary and genius Scientist Thomas A . Edison .These words seems right in many ways . A good doctor always treats his patient with his knowledge ,expertise and skill . But one very important aspect above all other things is a touch of humanity and words of consolation with an utter sense of caring with his patient.

One such great Indian doctor, who had all above mentioned qualities was Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. In our country ,National Doctor's day was first observed in the honour of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy . He was born on 1st July ,1882 . Dr Roy for his exemplary  and extra -ordinary services in the field of medicine and humanity was awarded with the highest Indian civilian award ,The Bharat ratna on 04 February 1961.

Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy was not only a physician par excellence ,but he was also an educationist ,a freedom fighter , a social worker and a politician . Apart from his many meritorious qualities other than a doctor ,he will always remembered for his work for giving a new height to this nobel profession  . Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy left for his heavenly abode  on 1st July 1962 . It is a bizarre coincidence that his date of birth and date of death are the same . After several years of his death ,in 1976 ,"The B.C .Roy national Award " was instituted in his memory to recognize deserving professionals in the areas of medicine ,science , public affairs ,philosophy, art and literature.   

In any civilized society, role and importance  of Doctor --

Doctors play a very vital and important role in any developed or developing society . Their dedication and knowledge saves many lives and at same time improves quality of life for millions . It is said that " Doctors are second to  god  on this earth " . If god is our creator then doctors are our saviour at the time of our ill health . Doctors give second life to many and  a big ray of hope to millions with their life saving skills . 

Significance of National Doctors' day ----

In our country ,I mean in India the doctor's day is celebrated to appreciate and recognize the services of doctors and give them a message ,that how important they are for the society . In today's fast changing and very demanding world the importance of the medical doctors is even more significant . In modern time we can not expect good quality life without the contribution of doctor's . A very talented pool of doctors are working day and night for the betterment of humanity .  If doctors are working tirelessly for their patients ,then they really deserves a recognition and well treatment from the society and common people. 

1st July ,The Doctor's day reminds us and them too , how important they are for us

Conclusion : Thus ,  without any doubt doctors are very important and highly regarded professionals . We at Havintha respect and regards each and every professional. And when today is a doctor's day  ,we Havintha people express our  very best and very warm wishes to all wonderful people called Doctors . Happy doctor's day to all doctor's and their families. 

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