An Amazing Health Friendly Seed: Kaunch (Velvet Beans)

An Amazing Health Friendly Seed: Kaunch (Velvet Beans)

You may or you may not have been heard of a magnificent seed called Kaunch or Velvet seed. They are truly nature's gift to the mankind. Kaunch is a plant hence obviously its all by products will fall under plant based items and here we are discussing about its seeds and its health benefits in this article. This is a marvelous product with lot of goodness.

Under the Ayurvedic system of medicine Kaunch plant's leaves, roots, stem and its bark plus seeds everything is useful for one or another ailment. They all have medicinal properties and known for the years. Here we are covering goodness of Kaunch seeds only. Kaunch seeds are beneficial for several things including diabetes, infertility, men's Vigour, depression etc.etc. The scientific name of kaunch is Mucuna pruriens. Kaunch seeds are also known as Velvet beans.

Nutritional elements found in the Kaunch (Velvet beans) seeds

Kaunch seed has many vital components that keeps many problems away and makes us healthier. Kaunch or Velvet beans have calcium, potassium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, manganese and sodium. So many phytochemicals and Phytonutrients in one seed make Kaunch seed so special and magnificent. Its unique quality of this seed that it has versatile applications, especially from the point of view of wellness. These all nutritional elements are very useful for keeping us healthy and charming. Kaunch seeds are also very useful for weight management. They are found useful for weight reduction.

Kaunch or Velvet beans plant basically comes under leguminons plant. Kaunch seeds are also very good source of protein. It is believed that kaunch seeds are potentially useful for the quality and quantity of sperm. It is due to its Aphrodisiac property. Kaunch seeds are believed to control the nervous disorders like Parkinson and they are also useful for arthritis.

Havintha's Kaunch Seed Powder

Havintha, a well known brand in the category of organic and herbal products also deals in Kaunch seeds. Havintha's kaunch seed powder is very popular and demanding product. Its Kaunch seed powder is 100 % pure and natural directly procured from very trusted sources and after that processed and manufactured under art of the state facilities.  Havintha's strong believing is surety for purity.  "Our Truthness, nature's goodness” is Havintha's motto and always sticks with their motto. Havintha always try to bring best things from the lap of the nature without disturbing ecological balance. Kaunch seed is also one such product which procured from authentic  and genuine sources .Its always in the back of Havintha's think tank that if nature has given us everything in abundance then why should we rely upon synthetic material based products.  Use best of the nature's and give good quality life to its customers is Havintha's policy. Havintha's every product be it in the segment of skincare, haircare or healthcare is testimony of purity.  Kaunch Seed Powder is not an exception.

How to use Kaunch Seed Powder?

Using Kaunch Seed Powder is usually very simple. It is recommended that its half teaspoon with water or milk is sufficient if taken twice a day after taking meals. If small amount of natural honey to be added in the solution it becomes even more effective and tasty too.

Precautions when using kaunch seed powder

Although Kaunch seed powder has multiple health applications, but its excess use may be harmful. Kaunch seed powder may increase acid secretion if taken in excess or more than recommended quantity or dose.

If someone is having hyperacidity or gastritis related problems then he or she must consult their family doctor or physician before using Kaunch seed powder.

Conclusion: Thus, Kaunch seed are source of various health benefits. A Kaunch seed powder is ready to use product and gives all benefits with ease of using. Havintha's Kaunch seed powder is very effective and trusted product. This is available across the globe through various online channel partners and it can be order through Havintha's,

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