Perfect Skin Rejuvenating Substance Masoor Dal Powder

Perfect Skin Rejuvenating Substance Masoor Dal Powder

Masoor dal is a popular lentil primarily used for edible purposes. But in recent times when more and more people are trying to get rid from chemicals and chemical based products for skincare and haircare, the importance of masoor dal is increasing in the field of skincare also.

Masoor dal based face packs and face scrubs are in huge demand nowadays. Masoor dal powder is very effective for face pack and face scrub and it gives very rejuvenating effects to our skin.

Here in this blog we will mainly focus upon masoor dal's usefulness in skincare and its few other aspects. However, in its edible form also masoor dal is a treasure of various vital elements like fiber, protein and potassium etc. These elements make our body healthier and a healthy body possesses a healthy skin also. In this way masoor dal is good for us in both aspects. While consumed as an edible item it keeps us in good state of health and when used as a cosmetic product gives our skin a new lease of life.

Composition of Masoor dal and its nutritional value

Masoor dal is one of the primary lentils of our country and being used as a  tasty and healthy dal for years. Its presence is in  pan India and its a second most popular dal after Arhar (toor dal). Masoor dal has a very nutritional value in it. In every 100 grams of masoor dal there is 9 gram protein, 8 gram dietary fiber, 369 mg potassium. It has Vitamin C Iron, magnesium and vitamin B-6 also in significant amounts. In this way masoor dal is good in both aspects for edible purposes and for cosmetic reasons too.

Masoor Dal Powder is like a boon for skincare

In modern times masoor dal powder is on the center stage for skincare category. Many leading cosmetic consultants and beauty experts recommend masoor dal for face pack and face scrub.
Masoor dal powder helps to treat scar, pimples, acne and dark circles over the face and other parts. It is so effective that many times people couldn't believe in its magical effects on their skin .Sometimes people get faded and loose their hope when they use costly cosmetic products for their problems but don't get desirable results. But a few days use of masoor dal powder based solution gives them satisfactory results.

Masoor dal powder helps to treat dark tan, acne, pimples and black spots and it is also very effective for pigmentation. Masoor dal powder is a natural exfoliator which helps to remove skin's dead cells. It also scrubs off dirt and germs which are the main cause of pimples. Masoor dal powder is a good medium for cleanser. The nutritional content of masoor dal gives natural immunity and anti-aging effects to its face pack. It helps with skin lightening and evens out skin complexion.

Havintha's masoor dal powder

We already have given a very detailed idea about masoor dal and its various aspects. Now, we will get a little idea about market leader Havintha's masoor dal powder and its good effects.

Havintha's masoor dal  powder has many cut edge effects over others. Although there are several brands dealing in this category Havintha is an undisputed market leader for organic and herbal products. Havintha masoor dal powder is one such product which goes through various rigorous quality control tests right from its raw material procurement to the final product.  Havintha's every product is a testimony of quality and purity and masoor dal powder is not an exception. Havintha's large number of customers are the biggest proof of its superiority and high standard. It has no added colour, fragrance and anything other than purely natural masoor dal as one and only ingredient. Havintha's masoor dal powder gives best results while used for face pack, face wash or face scrub. If someone wishes to get the best value for money then Havintha masoor dal powder is an ideal choice.

Conclusion: Thus, we have come to know about masoor dal powder's good effects on our skin . It's a natural remedy for many skin related issues and easily available too. If you have not tried it yet, try it without delaying further.

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