Beetroot Powder And Its Amazing Effects For The Skin Glowing And Whitening!

Beetroot Powder And Its Amazing Effects For The Skin Glowing And Whitening!

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Beetroot as a root vegetable
  • Beetroot's wonderful benefits for the skin Glowing and Skin Whitening.
  • Beetroot Powder's 7 important uses for the goodness of skin .
  • How to use Beetroot Powder for the purpose of skincare?
  • Havintha's one of its kind Beetroot Powder.


Our mother earth and nature are so great and compassionate that they have provided us with everything in abundance for our healthy life and proper wellness. We have been given natural herbs, fruits, plants, and various lentils in abundance for our healthy living. Many natural things are not only good for edible purposes but are also very useful for keeping us externally charming and radiant. Beetroot is one such wonderful root vegetable with multiple applications. It is beneficial for our healthy body, especially for gut cleaning and intestinal management. At the same time, beetroot powder is excellent for cosmetic purposes, particularly in the field of natural skincare and its radiant look. Additionally, using the best natural shampoo can further enhance your hair's health and beauty, aligning with nature's bounty for overall well-being.

In this Blog of ours under the wellness series, we will get some idea about the Beetroot's amazing effects for our skin's Glowing and Whitening effects.

Beetroot as a Root Vegetable:

Root vegetable are basically those underground plant parts which are eaten by the humans as one of their food item. In agricultural and culinary terminology, the term applies to true roots such as taproots and tuberons roots etc. Beetroot is falls under taproot category. They grow vertically downwards under the soil .

Beetroot is a good source of fiber ,folate ( Vitamin B9 ) ,manganese ,potassium, Iron and Vitamin C .These qualities of Beetroot does make it a healthy choice while eating, but it has yet another wonderful quality that is useful when used externally in a powder form .It makes our skin very Glowing and Whitening due to its various phytochemicals.

Beetroot's wonderful positive effects upon our skin ,which provides skin Glowing and Whitening texture:

As we have already mentioned that Beetroot are naturally very good source of folate ,manganese, Iron and few other Phytonutrients. They all are very vital for the maintenance of the wear and tear of our skin's cells. That is why when Beetroot powder is used as a skin caring material it works like a miracle. It not only gives glowing effects but also does proper hydration and cleansing of our skin. Skin gets rejuvenating effects and becomes Glowing and radiant without any side effects. Beetroot Powder has good amount of vitamin C in it ,which helps to lighten skin by reducing melanin production in it .Beetroot powder is very powerful for removing toxins from our skin's outer surface and even  it works deeper inside skin surface also by its special quality.

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Beetroot Powder's 7 Prominent Benefits for the Purpose of Skin Whitening and Glowing:

Beetroot is very good for our  skin management with many good natural effects. Here is a list of few good effects and benefits as following.

  • Beetroot Powder keeps wrinkles at bay.
  • It gives skin glowing and brightening effects.
  • Fights with acne and pimples and makes skin younger looking.
  • Dark circles gets subsidised and skin becomes more clearer.
  • Keeps tanning away
  • Very effective and useful for the dry skin
  • Makes lips more attractive and hydrated

How to use Beetroot Powder for the Purpose of Effective Skincare?

Using beetroot powder for skincare, such as skin glowing and whitening, is very simple. For this application, take 1 to 2 tablespoons of good quality beetroot powder and mix it with a tablespoon of curd or yogurt and half a spoon of almond oil. Apply this ready-to-use mixture to the face and neck areas or as desired. Leave it on for around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the season and geographical location. When the skin absorbs it nicely, rinse it off with normal or lukewarm water without using any harsh chemical or detergent-based soap or face wash. Instead, use multani mitti or aloe vera-based natural face wash, like Havintha's body and face wash. You will feel the difference and a great change in your skin's texture. Additionally, using the best organic shampoo can further complement your natural skincare routine. You can also try DIY kits with the help of natural beetroot powder. There are several options to use it for skincare purposes.

Havintha's Beetroot Powder:

When we speak about beetroot powder and its uses for the purpose of radiant and glowing skin, simply first name comes in the mind is Havintha. Its beetroot powder is so pure and genuine with ready to use packaging. Havintha's every product is a testimony of purity and originality. Beetroot powder is not an exception. They procure its raw material either directly from the growers  or from very authentic sources. It doesn't contain any artificial color, fragrance or preservatives. This beetroot powder however is meant for skincare purposes but its raw beetroots are purely of edible grades and gets prepared after complete scientific and professional approach .Havintha has got its state of the art manufacturing facility, well trained manpower and very rigorous testing and quality  control norms .If this Beetroot powder would be used for skincare purposes definitely very encouraging and very positive results are bound to get even after few uses itself.


Thus , in this Blog of ours we have given important information about the natural herbal solution for your delicate skin's natural skincare. This herbal remedy gives very satisfactory results and skin gets more younger and more appealing look.

Its now your turn to try this simple yet very effective method of getting rid of many skin related worries.

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