How To Do Proper Haircare During Rainy Or Monsoon Season?

How To Do Proper Haircare During Rainy Or Monsoon Season?

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Probable hair issues may appear during Rainy season
  • What to do and what not to do list
  • Why herbal haircare products are better choice ?
  • Conclusion


Monsoon season is knocking at the door all across India and surrounding countries. While the rainy season provides relief from heat waves and sunstroke, it also brings a few issues related to our wellness and daily life concerns. One such issue associated with the rainy season is proper hair care during Monsoon. To maintain healthy hair, using a natural shampoo can be especially beneficial in combating the effects of humidity and rain on your hair.

If we don't take appropriate majors to tackle with rainy season related challenges our hair may get damaged badly and even it may trigger a permanent problem like heavy hair -fall or acute dandruff or lice problems.

During rainy season following issues are most likely to appear:

  • Hair may get more oily . Simple reason behind this phenomena is that during monsoon season weather gets changed suddenly and humidity gets rise and same time wetness is spread all around ambience. Due to these factors our oil glands gets triggered and they start additional secretion of oil from hair roots and glands .To manage this problem it takes few steps like less exposure to the rain water ,using external hair oil wisely and judging hair type properly.
  • Scalp may get itchy and hydrated. It happens due to the deposition of oil ,dirt and dead cells .These all things are responsible to make scalp itchy and hydrated, therefore avoiding such situations is advised during rainy season.
  • Dandruff Problem, during rainy season one very common and most likely appearable problem is a problem of dandruff in our hairs. Dandruff is like a slow poison for the healthiness of our hairs.  It slowly but surely becomes a cause of hair damage and other associated problems.
  • Problem of lices ,this is yet another very common problem with our hair during rainy season. In fact during rainy season when external weather gets humid and hydrated, it makes very conducive atmosphere for the generation of lices and other such microbes.
  • Fungal and other bacterial infections are also very much likely to happen during rainy or Monsoon season. Simply is culprit is weather condition for this problem also.
  • Frizzy Hair ,getting hair frizzy and dull is also consequences of Monsoon season.

To avoid all the above-mentioned problems or issues, it is better to avoid getting soaked in the rain, especially for a longer period of time. Using no paraben no sulphate shampoo, and other natural haircare products, applying hair oil on a regular basis, and using umbrellas or other protective clothing during outings are a few effective measures one can try to get rid of such hair problems during the rainy season.

What to do and what not to do during rainy season for proper haircare:

Till now we have already covered various topics related with hair wellness during rainy season.

Here are following things to be done and not to be done for proper hair care during Rainy season.

  • Avoid early rainy days because they may contain polluted and hazardous small particles from atmosphere which may not only harm to our hairs but they can be harmful for other points of view related with general wellness also.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals based shampoos, conditioners, hair mask and other haircare products.  Instead use natural herbal products like herbal shampoo, herbal conditioner and herbal hair masks.
  • Keep hair covered during outing when there is a rain outside.
  • Keep hair clean with regular washing and apply lukewarm oil in the night time with proper massage from hair roots and every strand of hairs.

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Why herbal haircare products are better choice during rainy season?

However, herbal or organic products are always better than their counterpart synthetic or factory made products with laboratory developed formulations . As far as haircare products are concerned, if  they are synthetic formulation based products then definitely they will consist with sulphate ,parabens ,bleach and preservatives. Every one of them is harmful for our hair and scalp in a long run .But natural ingredients based hair shampoos or hair conditioners are free from such harmful chemicals. They are naturally pH balanced and tested from the ages .Our Ayurvedic epics are full with such formulation and our mother nature has given us everything in abundance.

Herbal products are free from chemicals therefore they are better choice.

There are few very good brands ,one like brand Havintha which deals in purely natural haircare products. Its natural reetha ,amala ,Shikakai based dry  powder shampoo  is totally class apart and provides hair really awesome nourishment.


What should be applied during Monsoon season for healthy and bouncy hairs?

There are various options available from the lap of the nature for natural haircare during monsoon season. Following is a combination of few for our readers easy reference.

  • Fenugreek and Lemon.
  • Neem and Turmeric.
  • Yoghurt and Aloeveera.
  • Flaxseed and Hibiscus petels powder.
  • Reetha and Amala.
  • Brahmi and Jatamansi.
  • Flaxseed and Amala with Reetha.

Similarly, there are few more options available. If you don't have time to explore each of them or finds any difficulty to getting them you can simply opt Havintha’s natural haircare products from their site. They are best products to use for proper haircare, not only during monsoon season but throughout the seasons.


Does rain water affects our hair adversely?

Yes, rain water definitely effects our hair .Rainwater or humid air during rainy season disrupt our hair's natural moisture balance and it can make hair prone to frizz and fly aways .Hair cuticles gets swollen when our hair roots and scalp absorb excess water during rainy season.


Thus ,we have learnt about rainy or monsoon season and its affects on our hair's health and wellness. We hope our readers will like it and appreciate our efforts in form of this informative blog. Feel free to express yourself if you have some suggestion or feedback. We always appreciate our readers concern and genuine feedbacks. Happy ongoing monsoon season and do take good care of yourself.

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