Enjoy the Goodness and Redolence of Havintha’s Natural Seeds!

Enjoy the Goodness and Redolence of Havintha’s Natural Seeds!

It is a biggest truth of life that birth of every living thing takes place from a seed. Seeds are responsible for the creation of our all kinds of kingdom, be it plant kingdom or animal kingdom. 

If anything is responsible for creation then obviously it will have great power and source of the  energy. Yes, Seeds are great source of energy and they are very much responsible for our well being. Here, in this blog we will get an idea about various seeds and their health benefits. Here, Specially we will cover those seeds which are dealt by one of the prominent organic brand called Havintha. 

Significance of the Seeds

We all know very well that seeds are good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and anti - oxidants. Seeds also contains healthy monounsaturated fats, Poly - Unsaturated fats. If seeds are consumed as a part of our healthy diet then they may prove very useful towards lowering blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure as well. No need to mention that blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and blood sugar are biggest enemies of our health nowadays.

Why Havintha’s Seeds?

Havintha is a brand which is totally committed and dedicated for natural and organic product’s manufacturing, procurement and finally supply to their and users. Havintha’s business philosophy is very simple.The philosophy is “ if nature has given us everything in abundance,  then why should we rely on synthetic or chemical based products”. Adopt more and more natural and herbal products in your daily life and keep yourself fit and fine. With the use of natural and organic products we will not only keep ourselves healthy but also we will help to keep our mother earth free from pollution. 

Havintha’s Healthy Seeds and Their Benefits

1. Flax Seeds: Flax Seeds are one of the fabulous health-friendly seeds. They are loaded with fiber, protein and potassium. Flax seeds are also good source of lignans. Lignans are one type of anti-oxidant. Lignans are available in other plant sources also but in the flax seeds it is much more than other plant based foods.

Flax Seeds are very easy to consume. They can be taken either directly or with any other cereals. There are certain other methods too like taking with salads, after roasting them with salt and small amount of edible oils etc.

2. Chia Seeds: Chia seeds are another healthy seeds dealt by Havintha. Like Flax seeds chia seeds are also an excellent plant based source of good health. They are contained with Omega-3 fats or Alpha linolenic acid. Chia seeds are like a boon for vegetarians. They are very good and effective substitute of fish for Omega-3 fats and alpha linolenic acid. Another wonderful property of chia seeds is that they absorbs upto 10 times the amount of water that they are put in. Chia seeds are also a good source of fiber. Using chia seeds is very simple and without any complicated process. For more detail you can visit our website Havintha.in

3. Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are great source of minerals and Zinc. Zinc is best known for its immunity-boosting property. Pumpkin seeds are also very helpful for lowering LDL (bad cholesterol). Pumpkin seeds prevent muscle’s weakness and gives strength to the muscles. As far as pumpkin seeds consuming is concerned there are various methods for that. They can be taken directly or can be taken after roasting and added with a little amount of salt on it. You can simply bake them in the oven and add whatever type of seasonings you like.

4. Sunflower Seeds: One another seed very useful for our healthy growth and well being is sunflower seed. Havintha also deals in sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds have very adequate amount of minerals, vitamin B & E, and anti-oxidants. Other than these things they also contain selenium. We all know that free radicals are harmful for our body and anti-oxidants are an appropriate answer to fight with free radicals. Sunflower seeds can be consumed with or without shells. If eating with shells just bite them off and throw them away.

5. Kalonji Seeds: Kalonji seeds are known as black cumin. Its another name is fennel flower. Kalonji is a very widely used medicinal plant that has a very long history of use for various health benefits. Kalonji seeds are considered a powerhouse of crude fibers, amino acids, iron, sodium, calcium, and potassium. They are also very rich in vitamins including vitamins A, B, B-12, and vitamin C. Using kalonji is very easy and mostly they are being used as one of the daily kitchen spices. For losing weight it's better to take kalonji seeds and mix half lemon juice in it. Now take it once or twice a day for good results. 


In the same way, Havintha has a very vast range of seeds. Describing each and everyone is beyond this article’s scope. For getting details about all the range of our health-friendly consumable seeds you can visit our home page. 

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