Health benefits of Himalayan Black Soybean!

Health benefits of Himalayan Black Soybean!

We know very well how important a role does any legume plays in our day to day healthy life .Legumes are very important and an  essential part of a healthy routine of  anyone's life. Soybeans are having very special importance among all the legumes. Its simple reason is that soybeans are a concentrated source of isoflavones. 

There are many varieties of Soybean. Among all the species one very important and very vital variety is black soybeans. Black soybeans are considered a treasure of healthy composition .In our country black soybeans are usually grown in the upper Himalayan belt especially in the  states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and in north eastern states . Other than these parts of our country black soybeans are found in Japan, Nepal and a few other countries.  In our country  what makes them even more useful  and important is their production in those areas who are known for their  organically grown crops . In that way Himalayan black soybeans are even more important than normal or other breeds of soybeans.  

Black Soybean is an excellent source of protein, dietary fibers and a variety of micronutrients and Phytochemicals. Black soybean's one very important and useful application is its Kuromame tea. It's a very popular beverage among Japanese people . It is said that they start their day with Kuromame tea ,which is a caffeine free healthy black tea .

Importance of Black Soybean:

Black Soybean is like a powerhouse of energy with many health benefits.  One hundred grams of black soybean contains about 16 percent  of a person's daily fiber needs. In general they are packed with vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin K. They also contain a good amount of zinc in them . Apart from these things they contain Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium.  Black Soybean also has a low amount of carbohydrates, some healthy  fats and a significant amount of complete plant based protein in it. This is an important aspect of black soybean that they are having more than a few things at a time. That is why black soybeans itself are very healthy for us but if they are organically grown himalayan black soybeans then it's like double bonanza for good health. 

What is so special about the Himalayan Black Soybean?

We already have come to know that black soybeans are a treasure of good health. If they are himalayan black soybean, which means they are grown in a very conducive environment under the practices of organic farming then it is used to give health benefits manifold.

Himalayan black soybeans are low in sodium, fat and sugar other than their regular goodness.  They are full of healthy substances. Himalayan black soybeans are considered very good for health and general well being .It is said that certain varieties of Himalayan black soybeans have medicinal properties and they are very good for jaundice and a few other similar things. However there is no medical reference but it's the local people's belief and they have been using them for years .

Himalayan black soybeans are very good for those who are suffering with non communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes. As we know, managing hypertension requires maintaining a low sodium diet to keep blood pressure in its optimum condition. Himalayan black soybeans are naturally low in sodium which makes them very useful for such problems. 

Their richness in protein and fiber is another health benefit of black soybean. Since ,black soybeans are rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium therefore it becomes an ideal choice for a healthier diet.

Following are some important health aspects of Himalayan black soybean :

(1) They are full of anti-aging properties. 

(2) Promotes bone health naturally. 

(3) An ideal choice for weight management. 

(4) Useful for a few health conditions. 

(5) Very good source of natural fiber .

(6) Rich in Calcium that  promotes teeth and bone health. 

(7) Keeps blood pressure and hypertension in control if consumed regularly. 


Thus, through this blog we come to know various good aspects of Himalayan black soybeans. Himalayan black soybean is a very effective yet very easily available option for good health.  Their use is very easy and it can be used in various ways. One very effective and useful use of black soybean is its Kuromame black tea. This black tea is very popular among Japanese people . Fortunately now in India also its good effects are gaining popularity.  Leading natural products brand Havintha is one of Himalayan black soybeans suppliers and they are also dealing in Kuromame tea .

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