Pomegranate based toner and face scrubber may give your skin a new lease of life!

Pomegranate based toner and face scrubber may give your skin a new lease of life!

We all know very well that fruits are very good for our health and they must be a part of our daily diet . But ,how many of us know that using fruits and their pulp for skincare is like a boon for healthy skin. Fruits  in various forms are nowadays being used for making face packs, toner and face scrub. Although many fruits are useful for such skincare products, one amazing fruit is pomegranate. It's natural face pack, face scrub and toner gives skin fabulously blended fine grade natural touch and healthiness from both  internally and externally. 

Pomegranate is a fruit to whom nature has given abundant goodness. Pomegranate are good source of Antioxidant and Vitamin C. Antioxidant helps our skin to fight with various challenging conditions like inflammation, itching, redness of the skin and irritation. Here in this blog we will  mainly focus on the goodness of natural pomegranate based skincare products like face scrub or toner.

Why is pomegranate so important for our skin?

Pomegranate fruit is a wonderful gift of nature to us. It has got various high class properties, which provides us an excellent state of wellness from inside and at the same time it gives us eternal beauty also. Pomegranates are rich in Vitamin C, other than their antioxidant properties. It has a good amount of fiber also which keeps our gut clean which ultimately helps our skin to stay in healthy state. Pomegranate possesses anti - aging property that showers the process of aging if consumed regularly. When pomegranate fruits are consumed directly or in the form of juice, it greatly helps to maintain a good state of skin and gives skin total nourishment. One very significant property of pomegranate fruit is that it suits all kinds of skin be it dry ,oily or sensitive skin.

How to use pomegranate based face scrub or toner ?

Using pomegranate based face care products like face scrub, face pack or toner are not very complicated to use. They are as simple as using any other face care products and they are in the scope of everyone. Nowadays, pomegranate-based ready-to-use face packs or toner are available in the market. Most of the genuine product manufacturers provide their ingredients and how to use tips on the product's packets itself. Even making pomegranate toner or scrub at home is not a very difficult thing to do. With a small amount of peeled pomegranate and few other ingredients like rose water, green tea ,honey or milk one can make pomegranate based skincare products. 

To make pomegranate toner you have to take any suitable pot. After taking a precise pot, put a desirable quantity of water in it ( according to other ingredients ratio). Keep it into a low flame of your gas stove burner or in the  induction cook top with appropriate temperature. Leave that water for getting heated. Once water on the pot starts boiling add a green tea bag in it, let it get settled for a couple of minutes. Once water temperature comes down add a little amount of rose water, milk, & few drops of honey into it and stir well. In your next step grind the freshly taken pomegranate fruit seeds in a juicer mixer. Mix it till you get a sufficient amount of juice out of the seeds. Now, add this pomegranate juice to that already prepared water and rose water solution and mix it well. Take a funnel and strain the pomegranate and other ingredients in a suitable bottle for further use. Your homemade toner is ready for use. This is the method for making the pomegranate toner at home.

As far as making a pomegranate face pack or face scrub is concerned, their process is different. However, the process is different but not difficult. For making a pomegranate face scrub take freshly taken pomegranate fruit seeds, Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), rose water, and honey with a little amount of activated charcoal. A combination of these all ingredients in which pomegranate seeds are in majority does a miracle for the face or neck’s skin. Apply this homemade face scrub once or twice a week and see the difference.


Thus, you can make pomegranate toner, face pack or face scrub at your home itself. This toner or scrubber will do miracles for your skin. As we have already mentioned in the introductory part that pomegranate is one such fruit which has an abundance of vitamin C and antioxidants in it. 

Vitamin C has a very significant role for keeping skin healthy and nourished. Anti-oxidant are also very important for keeping skin healthy by eradicating free radicals.

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