Enormous Health and Environmental Benefits of Neem Tree and Its Various Parts

Enormous Health and Environmental Benefits of Neem Tree and Its Various Parts

Botanical name of Neem tree is Azadirachta indica. It is also known with another name called Indian lilac tree. Neem is basically a natural herbal tree and its leaves, seed and even barks are very useful for our environment as well as for our healthy wellbeing. 

The extract received from the seeds of Neem plant has several applications. Mainly, Neem is known for its pesticidal and insecticidal properties, but in modern days its uses for haircare, skincare and dental care products are in huge demand.

Various benefits of Neem and its products:

Useful as a repellent :

Neem oil is very widely used for common pest repellant. It is considered very effective against sand flies and mosquitoes. Even neem based insecticides are found effective against termites and repel moths.

Neem based animal shampoos are very useful for the eradication of repel pests and parasites. Nowadays, the cattle industry is very organised and working much like a commercial industry rather than a small cottage industry or home based business. That is the reason why neem based cattle shampoos are much in demand .It has no harmful effect on animals therefore makes it a very safe choice for farmers and cattle house owners.

Good as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory:

Neem is considered a very strong antioxidant. It effectively neutralizes  free radicals. We all know that free radicals are very harmful for our health as well as for a healthy environment. Other than its antioxidant, neem has very good anti- inflammatory properties too. Neem possesses very strong anti - inflammatory agents in it.

Good as an Antimicrobial substance:

Neem also has antimicrobial properties and its antimicrobial effect is found useful for eradicating several types of bacteria, viruses and fungicides. Since, these all are big problem creators for us, therefore their herbal remedy in the form of neem based solution is really a very important aspect from an environmental point of view also.

Anti malarial properties:

Neem is a good repellent therefore it works against mosquitoes. Neem repellent either kills them or makes them ineffective for biting. Malaria is a parasite that some of the mosquitoes carry along with them. If neem is effective against mosquitoes, then definitely it is useful as an anti malaria  substance too. According to one report malaria causes around 219 million illnesses and about 435,000 deaths worldwide every year. These are not a small number by any angle. If neem and neem based products help even in small extent then also it is like a boon for humanity and mankind. 

Cosmetic uses :

Most frequently people are using neem based hair and skin care products. Especially in modern times when there is growing awareness about herbal products and their goodness. Neem is almost on the top of the table as far as herbal cosmetic products and their uses are concerned. Neem oil is very useful for hair related issues like dandruff, dryness and lice problems. 

Effective as an anti dandruff substance:

Neem is a popular and very demanding ingredient for several anti- dandruff shampoos. Apart from its direct effects, neem has anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties too which might be helpful for the reduction of symptoms associated with dandruff. 

Good against Lice:

The results of a small study indicated that neem has  anti- lice and anti- nit agent in it. One major advantage of neem and neem based haircare or skincare products is they are having no side effects.

Oral hygiene related products:

One another prominent segment where neem and its by products are being used is oral hygiene related field . Many toothpaste and mouthwashes are contained with neem oil or neem leaves extract. It's a very popular and demanding segment.  In the present time when people are much aware about the side effects of  chemical based oral care products, the demand of neem based toothpastes and mouthwashes is at an all time high.


Neem is really nature's gift to us . Neem products come from all parts of the Indian lilac tree. In olden days people used neem datuns which are meant for dental cleaning as a brush.

Neem is a safe and effective herbal choice without any side effects. Availability of neem and its products is much easier, especially in our part of the globe. 

Havintha, a very committed brand for organic and natural health, beauty and haircare products, also produces neem powder, which is 100 % pure and natural. 

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