Give special attention to your skin during the Monsoon / Rainy season!

Give special attention to your skin during the Monsoon / Rainy season!

Rainy season is around the corner. Monsoon is active almost every part of the country. In one hand where Monsoon or Rainy season brings a big relief for us from skin burning hot temperatures. In another hand, the monsoon season brings various skin related issues also. If we will keep little precaution and give proper attention to our skin during the rainy season we can avoid many skin problems and we can maintain a glazing lustrous looking texture of our  entire skin and face specially. 

What are the main precautions we can opt for during monsoon season for healthy skin?

There are many precautions and methods by using them we can maintain our good skin during the rainy season.

We are listing down a few major methods for keeping skin healthy and glowing. 

(1) Use light and easily digestive  fresh meals during the rainy season.

(2) Apply Sun cream. 

(3) Apply Rosewater or any other essential oils solution. 

(4) Use regular scrub during rainy days. 

(5) Use some good herbal paste onto the face and body.

(6) Apply turmeric and Sandalwood paste for facial

(7) In- between use fruit packs for cleansing and facial.

(8) Keep yourself hydrated. 

Above all techniques are very effective and useful for keeping skin problem free during monsoon season.

Now, we will briefly elaborate each of them .

Importance of food for a healthy skin:

Importance of food is foremost for our overall health and proper growth. Quality of food is also responsible for keeping our skin in proper shape and condition. It's a common phenomena that during summer days, which falls just before monsoon or rainy season, we usually avoid heavy meals and spicy foods. But once the rainy season starts we start to eat very spicy and heavy diets. This habit of ours proves enemy for our skin. Our face gets pimples and acne other than a few other complications. That is why during the rainy season we should choose our food pattern very wisely and if possible we should take light to lighter meals only with an adequate amount of fruits in it.

How useful is Sun cream?

We all know that Sun cream protects our face and neck portion from the harmful UV effects of sunlight . But many of us thinks that only during summer days UV rays does harm to our skin. Case is not like that, in monsoon season also whenever we go out we should apply Sunscreen onto our face and body . In monsoon season it is not necessary that every time sun will covered with the clouds and it will not radiate harmful UV rays. To avoid any hassle it is always better to use Sun cream whenever go out of home or whenever there are possibilities to get sunlight exposure. 

Another thing is using rosewater or any other good essential oils diluted water for face wash and body cleaning .If we use these things during our daily bath and before going to bed its an ideal practice. But, even if it is not possible with you to use  these things on a daily basis then also twice or thrice a week we should use them for keeping healthy skin during monsoon season.

Doing regular scrubbing onto the face or body is yet another good habit or practice for keeping healthy skin during any season. Here we are specially mentioning from the rainy season's  point of view, it's utmost important to adopt scrubbing practices during this season for keeping healthy skin.

Likewise, adopting other above given practices such as using fruit face packs, keeping hydrated to yourself and using turmeric and Sandalwood powder based face packs or face masks will help a lot for keeping skin healthy and glowing during monsoon season .

Conclusion : Nowadays, almost everyone is having shortage of timings due to hectic work schedules and very demanding and busy lifestyle.  Most of the time we neglect our body and skincare after full days of busy work schedules. Fortunately, in the present time there are ready to use formulations for many of the things like face wash, face pack, face scrub etc. Using Havintha's  natural face packs, essential oils and face wash materials could be a wise choice. These all products are hallmark products for natural and chemical free ingredients in them.

Thus, keeping our skin healthy and charming during rainy days is in our hands only. With simple - simple techniques we can enjoy a healthy glowing skin.

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