If You Are Facing Acne Problem Try This Cucumber Magic

If You Are Facing Acne Problem Try This Cucumber Magic

Introduction- Although Acne is a small  four letter's word, it gives a lot of stress and agony to that person who is  suffering from it.  Acne  is  responsible not only for physical agony but many times  they also prove the cause of mental agony. There are several reasons which are responsible for the acne problem.  Present time's very demanding work schedules, hap -hazard  lifestyle, improper dietary habits, growing age and changing seasons are few factors responsible for acne problems.  

What causes Acne?

* If dirt and dust get settled on someone's skin then it becomes a trigger point for acne .

* If oil production in the skin gets excessive,  it becomes a reason for acne .

* Bangs, dandruff, excess heat styling or blow drying could also lead to acne related problems. 

* Dead skin cells are one of the major causes for acne.

Here are few cucumber magic in various forms for getting rid of acne problem:

(1) If you use Cucumber toner for acne problems you will get amazing results for its remedy. Take half cup peeled Cucumber slices, two tablespoons of rosewater or normal water  and two tablespoons  with hazel. Grind these cucumber slices properly with  the help of a grinder or juicer. When  cucumber slices gets into a juicy form ,strain it and collect it into a separate bowel or small sized container. Now add a little normal water into it and mix them properly. After that add witch hazel in it and again mix them properly.  Now, use this cucumber plus  witch hazel solution as a toner to get magical effects on the skin. 

(2) Cucumber face mask : Cucumber face masks are yet another great thing for acne related problems. For making a cucumber face mask take 1 or 2 cucumbers and cut them into thin - thin slices.  Other than cucumber slices take 1 teaspoon yoghurt and 1 teaspoon good quality honey. Now grind the cucumber slices and yoghurt together. Once cucumber and yoghurt gets properly grinned, check whether it has got a shape of thick paste or not. If thick paste is there, put said amount of honey into it . Then mix these three ingredients properly and  shake well to ensure proper blending of all three components. Wait is over,

Your Natural cucumber face pack is ready for use. Clean your face properly, before applying this  cucumber based face pack on it. Once you apply the face pack let it be there for about 20- 25 minutes. After that when you feel the face pack is getting dry ,wash your face with mild soap or any  good quality cleanser. Use the same method twice a week for even better results. Within a short span of time you will get amazing results and acne will vanish from your face.

Other than face toner and face pack if you use fresh cucumber water juice for a face massage it will give yet another value addition. 

Substitute of fresh cucumber is Havintha's cucumber powder:

Above all things basically require fresh cucumbers. But due to some reason or geographical location, if you are not able to get fresh cucumber then we have an excellent solution here. In such conditions you can use Havintha's cucumber powder, which is very effective and very powerful. It's  nothing but extracts of cucumber and prepared with state of the art manufacturing process.  If for some reason fresh cucumber is missing you can take the desired quantity of this cucumber powder for preparing face pack or toner. Even its liquid solution will work for massage. It's ready to use a very delicately packed solution which can be available in any part or any season .

Conclusion: Thus, if you use Cucumber based face pack, face toner or cucumber juice for face massage definitely you will get amazing results for acne problems.  It's a simple yet very effective remedy for a frustrating problem like acne. Many times we try very costly and time consuming things for get rid of acne problems, but we don't get desired results. This is a very easy and home remedy kind of thing for a problem which gives physical and emotional agony.

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