How we can revive Lifeless Hair's into a Soft ,Silky and Bouncy Hairs ?

How we can revive Lifeless Hair's into a Soft ,Silky and Bouncy Hairs ?

Table of Contents;

  • Preface
  • Proven ways to revive Lifeless hairs into the lively soft ,silky and bouncy hairs.
  • Havintha and its marvellous range of herbal dry powder based Shampoos and Conditioners.
  • Conclusion

Preface :

Our overall external beauty is defined by our attractive hair. If we say that any person's persona is personified by their attractive hair, then it is not an exaggerated statement. Hair is the most important and precious component of the human body and plays a crucial role in the body's overall well-functioning. They enhance our appearance externally and protect us from harsh weather conditions internally. To maintain healthy and beautiful hair, using the best natural shampoo is essential, as it nourishes without the harmful effects of chemicals.

Good quality natural hair gives us ample confidence and it boosts our self esteem .

Certain Proven ways to revive Lifeless Hair's into a very much lively soft ,silky and bouncy hairs :

Avoid Heat styling hair tools as much as possible.

 In present time a number of people are usually use such hair styling electronics gadgets. Specially younger generation boys and girls are trapped in the  web of such product's, without knowing their pros and cons. They are using these electrically operating tools for either making hair's curly or making them straight. This kind of heating treatment makes hair roots weak and root strands dull and dry . Our mother nature knows very well what is good for us and what is not . When hair gets excessive heat then they become very dry and hard and it takes time to get back its normal texture.

Avoid harsh chemical based shampoos and conditioners:

Instead start using natural ingredients based products like  Satreetha ,Amala ,Shikakai, Flaxseed, Methidana,Hibiscus Jaitun ,Brahmi, Aloeveera, Fullers earth and lentil mix based  shampoos, hair conditioners or hair masks. They gives hair its natural protective care and makes hair soft ,silky ,shiny and glowing. When we use chemical based haircare products initially we don't know about their long term harmful effects. But they are like a slow poison for our  hair's good health .Most of the time we fall in the trap of its attractive packaging, appealing advertisements and fancy fragrances. But ,this is sheer exploitation of our inner feelings and wish to possess beautiful hairs.

If we will use natural herbal remedies for our haircare it will pay us very handsome rewards and dividends in long term .We just have to change our habits and mindset ,that too for initial few days only .In rest of the years we will reap good yield out of this good habit of using herbal products.

Start using hair herbal hair  mask and hair conditioners:

If we are using synthetic formulation-based products, then definitely we are doing more harm to our hair rather than any good. If we start using herbal conditioners and hair masks made of various herbs, lentils, and Fuller's earth, we can see a magical transformation in our hair. If you find it difficult to locate such products in the marketplace, then you can go with Havintha’s hair conditioner and hair masks. They are just perfect and belong to the totally herbal category. Free from parabens, sulfates, and any artificial color or fragrance, they can be a perfect choice for everyone. Additionally, using the best herbal shampoo for hair loss from Havintha can help address hair loss issues naturally and effectively.

* Use regularly hot oil massage:

A regular hair massage with hot oil gives hair roots perfect nourishment and gentle care . Hair roots gets proper Phytonutrients and dead cells comes out .In place of dead cells new fresh cells start to regrow and as a result hair also gets a fair chance of regrowing. It is specially good for the heat damaged hairs . In a  modern time various factors are responsible for making our hair's rough,dull and lifeless . This kind of massage helps to come out from such situations. This practice provides much needed hydration to our dry hairs and scalp. Before going for a  process of shampooing if we use to do a hot massage our hair gets new lease of life and becomes soft ,silky and shiny .

* Opt deep conditioning practice:

Whenever is possible try to implement rigorous deep conditioning options.  For doing hair conditioning always prefer to have natural herbal conditioner made of totally organic and natural ingredients like Methidana Powder, Aloeveera, Reetha, Shikakai roots, Bringraj extract, Jatamansi etc.etc.Havintha's hair conditioner is one such product which provides a nice solution for this need .

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Havintha and its marvellous range of dry powder shampoos and conditioners:

Havintha is known for its marvellous quality organic and natural herbal products. It has its presence in three categories namely haircare, Skincare and Wellness products. Havintha's dry powder formed hair shampoos and hair conditioners are one of its kind unique products. Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic system and grand mom's and aunty's recipes for haircare, Havintha introduced its very conventional yet ready to use range of herbal Shampoos and conditioners. Each of its ingredient is testimony of our very rich and powerful Ayurvedic system and its formulation. Thanks to the Havintha's zero tolerance policy for the purity and originality. Its every stage of manufacturing gets a rigorous testing, quality control norms checks and good hygiene conditions. Raw materials are being procured directly from the growers or from authentic material suppliers. State of the art manufacturing facility gives further edge to the  already superior  quality   shampoo or conditioner.

Today, brand Havintha is on the path of rapid expansion, all credit goes to its high quality products with best value for money.


Thus ,in this blog of ours we have tried to cover few important aspects of ,how we can revive Lifeless Hair's into a Soft, Silky and Bouncy Hairs.  We do hope that our learned readers and viewers will like this topic and its content. It is our responsibility and duty to provide best possible solutions for haircare, skincare and wellness and this is a humble attempt in that direction only.

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