Kuromame Tea and its Health Benefits

Kuromame Tea and its Health Benefits

Introduction - Kuromame is a Japanese term used for " Black Soybean ". Black Soybean when used for a purpose of black tea it is called Kuromame tea. Kuromame tea is made of natural roasted black Soybeans which is native of Southeast Asian countries. In these parts including some of the Himalayan states of India black Soybeans grown very commonly. Beauty of mostly black Soybean producers is that it is grown naturally without using harsh chemicals and chemical based fertilisers for yields. With the growing awareness about good quality lifestyle and importance of organic produce now people are using good edible things right from morning beverage to night meals .
Kuromame tea is like a king of such health friendly beverage. Its very preferred choice of Japanese ,who are known for their health consciousness and good eating habits. In other parts of the globe also Kuromame tea is getting very much popularity. Its totally caffeine free and it has only positive effects on our body and that too without forming a habit .Its main ingredient is black roasted Soybean which is totally natural and chemical free.

The composition of Kuromame Tea : As already mentioned in introductory part that main ingredient of Kuromame tea is black soybean . One hundred grams of black soybean contains 16 % of our daily fiber needs .In general also black soybeans contains Vitamin A ,Zinc, Vitamin B and K ,Iron ,Calcium, Magnesium, phosphorus and Potassium. In this way black soybeans are treasure of good health substances .Apart from that black soybeans are known for low amount of carbohydrates, some healthy unsaturated fats and a significant amount of complete plant based protein.

This makes Kuromame tea a perfect beverage to start a day with and to end a day.

Kurumame Tea's health benefits:

Kuromame Tea is considered a treasure of goodness and a best beverage to detoxify ourselves.
Following are few main health benefits of Kuromame tea.

(1)Good for hypertension and diabetes :- As it is a scientific fact that for managing hypertension. It is must to maintain low sodium diet .Low sodium diet keeps blood pressure at an stable level. Black Soybean's which is a main constituent of Kuromame tea are naturally low in sodium. Black Soybean are also good source of fiber ,folate ,and potassium. These all elements are well known to help reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

(2) Kuromame tea or black soybeans tea is filled with the anti aging properties: Kuromame or black soybeans tea is considered one of the best anti aging beverage in the Japan. Black Soybean contained with a pigment known as a anthocynin. Other than black soybeans this thing is founds in few fruits like grapes, black berry etc.It is a water soluble pigment that is responsible for the colour in such fruits .Due to anthocynin and antioxidants in it Kuromame tea proves an excellent source of anti -aging.

(3) Kuromame tea promotes bone health : Since black soybeans are filled with soyisoflavon, which are basically phytoestrogens. These compounds are having a very positive role against getting risk of bone related issues and osteoporosis. Black Soybean are also very good source of calcium. We all know that calcium deficiency leads towards various health issues, especially bone related issues. Therefore drinking Kuromame tea as a beverage reduces the chance of osteoporosis and other bone related problems.

(4) An excellent source of loosing weight: Kuromame tea is rich in fiber ,therefore it proves an excellent beverage for those who wish to either keep control their body weight or wish to reduce their body weight. Its an easiest way to loose or keep regulated body weight because other methods like doing rigorously exercise or gym or being very particular about eating habits is not everyone's cup of tea . But taking Kuromame tea would be everyone's choice.
A scientific study suggested that the soluble fibers founds in black soybeans slow downs the passage of food through our intestine which makes stomach feeling like filled .If anyone will feel full then obviously he or she inevitably decrease the amount of food intake, which will ultimately lead for loosing excess weight.

Conclusion: After seeing so much health benefits Kuromame or black soybean's tea will obviously get a tag of " treasure of good health " . No wonder why Japanese people prefer this beverage over other beverages in their day to day life .Its a well known fact that Japanese people are very health conscious and their average life expectancy is higher than other global communities.
Use Havintha's Kuromame tea in your daily life and get good health.

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