Natural bodyguard of our body : White Musali

Natural bodyguard of our body : White Musali

Introduction: White Musali or Safed Musali is a medicinal herb native of Indian subcontinent. Its scientific or botanical name is Chlorophytum borivilianum. It has been widely used in Ayurveda, Yunani and Homeopathic disciplines of medicines since last many decades. However, with its growing popularity and awareness among common people it's overharvesting is a cause of concern . According to some surveys this herb is very rapidly coming into the threatened species.

How does it work?
Safed Musli or Chlorophytum borivilianum contains phytochemicals in it , which are known for their useful effects onto the human body. Few researchers did their research on safed musali and their choosen objects for research were animals.In their research they have found that it might decrease swelling ( inflammation). Similarly, research on animals suggested that it might effects positively on testosterone, which is basically derives reproductive stimulation in both animals as well as in human beings also.Although this is preliminary research only and reaching into some conclusions on the basis of this research might be little early.

Uses and Effectiveness of Safed Musali :
Safed Musali is considered very good for general wellness in human beings. Scientifically there are not sufficient evidences for few things but still practitioners under Ayurveda and Unani use to recommend Safed Musali due to it's good health benefits. This is the reason ,why Safed Musali is considered a good supplement also . Various non verified benefits of Safed Musali are many, which is not in scope of this article ,but it can be studied anywhere including in the Google search for self interest and for the purpose of further study.

Havintha's Safed Musali Powder:
As we already have mentioned about the goodness of Safed Musali in previous topics briefly. Havintha, a renowned brand in the field of organic and natural herbal products is also deals in pure natural Safed Musali.
Havintha's Safed Musali is procured directly from genuine and very authentic sources. The manufacturing process is top class with state of the art facilities. Their team of experts examines entire manufacturing process before delivering it into the end user's hands . Like every product of Havintha this product also goes through several tests and examination before its marketing. Havintha's Safed Musali powder is a very hot selling product and it has very good rating over different- different online selling channels.

Who can take Safed Musali?
Anyone who is above certain age group i.e. above 18 years of age can take safed musali powder ,provided he or she is not under any medical conditions in which such types of supplements are not advised to take by the physician. Although Safed musali powder is useful for both male and females ,but mainly male are its more regular user.

Conclusion: Thus ,we can say that Safed Musali or Chlorophytum borivilianum is a very popular herb used for various health benefits. The study of this herb reaffirm various traditional claims about its goodness. The water extract of Safed Musali ( Chlorophytum borivilianum) improves the quality and quantity of semen in which clinical trials were being made. It was a significant and breakthrough development because problem of infertility is a major cause of concern nowadays. Apart from that Safed Musali is accpted as general vigour and strength provider for many . Several athletes and sports people including body builders prefers to choose Safed Musali as their regular herbal supplement. If taken into a prescribed quantity it has no any adverse effects on body.Infact it provides innumerable health benefits to it's users. Havintha's Safed Musali powder could be an ideal option for those who wish to go for a safe and pure supplement option

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