Never Overlook the problem of Vitamin-D

Never Overlook the problem of Vitamin-D

Introduction: Most of the times it is observed that many of us underestimate the importance of vitamin D for our healthy growth. Reason may be different but casual attitude towards neglecting our body's needs is common. It is seen usually that when our body starts showing symptoms of vitamin deficiency then only we gets awake and starts thinking about its solution. Actually, what policy one should adopt ,especially about the vitamins , vitamin D is prevention is better than cure . Keeping a healthy body and taking adequate amount of Vitamin D is completely in our own hands only.

What are the reason???
As we already have mentioned in the introductory part that most of the time responsibility behind keeping appropriate label of vitamins is in our hands . Opposite of same is also equally true if our body lacks vitamin D then its responsibility lies in our solders only.
Sun light is one of the prominent and easily available source of vitamin D . Taking sunlight ,specially morning hour's sunlight does not cost anything but it needs our attention and our flair to do so. But unfortunately many of us neglecting this very need of healthy life . We make excuses, I have no time ,in urban life where is scope for taking sun bath etc etc. These all are the silly excuses, especially when they count a lot and becomes costly negligence in long terms .Apart from inadequate exposure to the sunlight there are few other reasons also. A poor life style and habit of eating junk food is nowadays biggest problem. It is leading to many health issues including deficiency of vitamin D . Excess use of suncream, keeping body covered while going outside, eating unhealthy foods and lack of exercise are main culprits which gives deficiency of vitamin D in our body.

What are the symptoms???
There are very visible and easily recognizable systems as far as deficiency of vitamin D in our body is concerned. Main symptom of vitamin D deficiency is feeling tired and full of fatigueness all the time . Even feeling cramps in the body ,especially in the joint parts is one very common symptom of vitamin D deficiency. Other than this symptom having joints pain ,swelling into the veins or body ,very frequently mood swing ,loosing interest in doing anything are other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

What are the risks associated with vitamin D deficiency???
As we have already discussed here and we may understand now that vitamin D is an essential component needs for our healthy growth. If our body will lack vitamin D for some reasons then following problems are bound to come ,may be early or little later .
(1) Sudden shoot in the blood pressure.
( 2) Urinary problems
( 3) Feeling tiredness and fatigueness
( 4) Joints pain
( 5) Swelling in the body
( 6) Weakness of bones etc etc.

What are the solutions???
Getting rid of this problem is very much in our hands and very easily manageable.
We have to change our casual attitude and wait till problem arises. In this case adopting " prevention is better than a cure " is best policy.
Here are few things which can prevent us from vitamin D deficiency.
* Daily consumption of milk or milk made products like buttermilk, paneer ,curd etc.
* Taking 15 to 20 minutes morning sun bath in a clean and peaceful place .
* Yellow part of eggs or whole egg is useful for vitamin D.
* Eating fish especially Selmon fish ,Mecaral or Sardin fish is really good as they are rich source of Vitamin D.
* Consuming Mushroom 🍄 is also very useful and a good choice for vegetarian.
* Brokauli and few other green vegetables are good source of vitamin D.
* Certain Dry fruits are also very effective source of Vitamin D.
Last but not the least is walking along the sunlight for few minutes and if it is in the forenoon hours then it is even better .
Conclusion: Thus ,we have understood that how important role Vitamin D plays in our body and its healthy growth. Keeping our body filled with vitamin D is in our own hands . If we do realise its important well before occurring any complication then it becomes very easy to do early damage control. But if we are reluctant and casual about our own body then nobody from outside will come and save us .
It is said that " health is wealth " . Its very true if we loose our health then every precious commodity looks like an ordinary thing and that time we pray to our beloved God please take away my ill health and provide me a good life

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