With the advancement of age maintain the firmness of your skin

With the advancement of age maintain the firmness of your skin

Introduction: There is a direct relation between our age and our skin's texture and firmness. When a baby takes birth he or she born with very delicate and smooth skin . Once baby starts to grown up his skin gets completely changed. Slowly Slowly with the advancement of age our skin gets started becoming dull and dry. It also gets started becoming loose and wrinkle filled.
But there are several methods which are very helpful for slow downing the process of skin's dullness and loosening. In this blog we will get brief idea about those methods and their benefits.
Once we attain certain age group how our skin naturally becomes less defined?

Its a proven fact that once we age our skin naturally becomes less defined. Depleting elastin ,collagen and hyaluronic acid are mainly responsible for this loss of definition and skin's firmness. Many people are not able to control or check the signs of aging or sometimes even early aging signs. It is due to lack of knowledge or carelessness. Although good news is that those signs can be slowed down with right kind of lifestyle and skincare management.

Is sagging skin can be reverse?
Sagging skin may not be easily reversible but it can be certainly checked with certain ways. In or around the age of 35 to 40 most people start to experience skin laxity or loosening. This is the high time when one should take appropriate action to prevent or to slow down sagging of their skin .

Following are few steps or methods by which firmness of skin could be maintained-

* Add sufficient antioxidants to your daily routine because antioxidants protects the skin from free radicals . As you know very well that free radicals does harm to the skin cells. Antioxidants are best for maintaining skin firm and giving youthful glow to the skin .To keep skin firm best Antioxidants are in form of vitamin C, niacinamide and retinol.

* Use Hyaluronic Acid :
Hyaluronic acid is that substance which occurs naturally and founds in the skin's connective tissues. It helps to maintain moisture and lubricates the skin .
When someone exposes to the UV rays hyaluronic acid depletes. Supplements which are having hyaluronic acid are proved helpful for natural elasticity of the skin.

* By using Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is like a boon for skincare. It has antioxidant and collagen and elastin are produced by vitamin C. They keeps skin radiant, glowing and firm.

* Cocoa Flavanols as skin friendly substance :
A daily intake of Cocoa flavanols improves skin's elasticity and reduces wrinkles from skin .The chocolate which contains around 320 milligrams of Cocoa flavanols are good for skin according to scientific studies.

* Witch Hazel extract is good skincare substance:
Witch hazel is a common household skincare product.It is also used in cosmetics products which related to the skincare.
Studies suggest that Hamamelis virginiana's extract effectively reduces wrinkles and increases the overall firmness of skin.

Get good regular sleep :
A sound sleep management cuts many of our medical bills. Lack of sleep has direct connection with poor skin and various skin related issues like black head, pimples, acne and dark circles. To keep skin healthy and glowing alongside a firm texture adequate sleep is a must .A good night's sleep gives our cells time to repair themselves.

* Keep yourself hydrated:
As we know that our body consists more than 70 % water . Our overall health and skin gets benefited by water .Skin is having a large volume in our body and for keeping its good health keeping it hydrated is very much essential.

Conclusion: Thus ,here we have come to know about most of the aspects by which we can maintain our skin's texture and firmness in good state . Apart from these things keeping stress in control ,taking good diet especially a diet full with green vegetables and fruits is also very important for keeping skin healthy.

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