Vata,Pitta and Kapha dosh

Our Ancient System of Ayurveda and the role of Vata,Pitta and Kapha dosh in Human Body

Our readers are already familiar with our user friendly wellness Blog series. We have already covered various topics in our past blogs under this category. 

In same series this is yet another very useful and very informative blog. This blog is consists with three major symptoms of our body known as Vata ,Pitta and Kapha dosha ,their symptoms, their remedies and prevention etc.

Here we will take them one by one manner and try to understand them well.

What is Vata Dosha ?

Vata is a pure Sanskrit word being used in our Ancient texts related to the Ayurveda. The meaning of Vata is " That tendency which moves things " . Our body has that property, which is primarily responsible for our mental and physical adaptability. Vata is often referred as the wind ( Vayu) in the human body , and it is the primary motivating force of the doshas . Without Vata ,the other two doshas are unable to move. In this way vata dosh is one of the major dosha ,our body faces during any kind of  illnesses .

What are the symptoms of Vata Dosha ?

Main symptoms of Vata dosha are dryness of skin, hair ,ears ,lips and joints .Other than dryness bloating, constipation, gas ,weight loss are few other symptoms of the vata dosha .

Vata dosha also leads for restlessness, dizziness, feeling  ungrounded, cold and headache or stomach upsetting. 

Vata dosha and diet :

Vata dosha has very important relationship with our dietary habits. In fact according to the Ayurveda, the role of our daily diet or meals which we use to take is having a pivotal role to play with our wellness. If someone is having vata dosha symptoms, then he or she should avoid cold and raw foods as well as stimulants such as nicotine or caffeine.  Sweet ,salty and sour foods balance Vata dosha while pungent ,bitter and astringent foods may be aggravating to them.

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Havintha products are helpful to reduce diuretics as diuretics may trigger dryness problems in many.

How do one can clear Vata related doshas ( problems) ?

Basically, Vata is having a signature of cold and dryness ,therefore instead of a vata pacifying diet ,vata neutralizing diets are recommended. 

Pitta Dosha :

What is Pitta dosha ?

Pitta dosha is yet another symptoms mentioned in the Ayurveda scriptures. 

Pitta is basically referred as fire or heat energy  found in the human body .However, the term fire does not mean fire in the literary sense.

Pitta dosha is the heat energy in the human body and is invisible. It usually manifests itself in our metabolism. 

What are the symptoms of Pitta dosha ?

There are one or two symptoms, which indicates Pitta dosha in our body .

Following are few of the symptoms related with Pitta doshas :

* Excessive heat in the body : If our body produces excessive heat irrespective of any weather or especially during or after meal ,then it is a symptom of Pitta dosh in our body.

* Gas ,Indigestion or Acid reflux. 

These are yet another important symptoms of pitta dosha in our body . If all three or one or two of these symptoms are present in our body it means our body is suffering from Pitta dosha.

* Inflammation of the joints:

Joints Inflammation is a symptom of pitta dosha. It is better to take early notice of this symptom to avoid serious consequences in later part of life .

* Nausea ,Diarrhea or constipation. 

These are also significant symptoms of pitta dosha in our body . 

* Anger ,bad odor or bad breath in the body .

It may sound very strange that anger , bad odore or bad breath kind of signatures are representative of pitta dosha . But it is true that these symptoms does play very significant role in the pitta dosha.

* Excessive sweating is also one of the symptom of Pitta dosha.

How Pitta dosha can be reduced ?

As we have mentioned earlier that food or dietary habits has very important role to play in all three symptoms, namely Vata ,Pitta and Kapha doshas.

Bitter ,astringent and sweet food items can help lower the level of pitta dosha .

Rice ,quinoa, wheat ,oats ,almonds ,pumpkin seeds, coconut, sunflower seeds are few among many other recommended food items for getting rid of Pitta doshas .Other than these edible items few herbs like Amala ,trifala ,neem ,and Kalyanaka gharita are very effective against pitta dosha .

Market leader Havintha is very proudly produces many of these edible items and herbs . Readers may try Havintha's edible seeds or herbs to get rid of Pitta doshas .Havintha, is one such brand which believes in the surity for purity.  Right from raw material selection to the final product manufacturing its very committed and dedicated team keeps its best foot ahead to ensure 100 percent natural and genuine products. 

Kapha Dosha :

After Vata dosha and Pitta dosha ,third number is of Kapha dosha . Ayurvedic scriptures has its mention too . We all know that Ayurveda is our ancient holistic system of wellness. If it has mentioned Kapha dosha ,then certainly it will also have a great impact upon our body and its well-being. 

 Like vata dosha and pitta dosha , kapha dosh also may lead to various health  problems .These health issues may include lethargic feelings, weight gain ,poor immunity etc.etc. 

When our metabolism gets affected and it starts to weakens the digestive fire ( Agni tatwa ) then toxins begin to accumulate in our body .

According to the Ayurveda to keep our body in a healthy state ,balancing of all three tatwas ,namely vat ,pitta and kapha is very much essential.  Inbalancing of any of them may lead to a serious health issue .

According to the Ayurveda there should be a perfect harmony between vata ,pitta and kapha . And to keep them in a perfect harmony proper diet ,good lifestyle and a disciplined daily routine is a must . If one's body is prone to the kapha dosha then he or she should avoid excessive oily items ,chilled or frozen food items ,ghee , excess oil etc.

Symptoms of Kapha dosha :

According to the Ayurveda, basically earth and water are having strong connection with Kapha dosha . A person who is dominated by the Kapha dosha is usually composed rooted and forgiving kind of person .

Main symptoms of kapha filled personality are possessing excess weight ,feeling resentment and sluggishness. 

How to balance Kapha dosha ?

If kapha  dosha is in its primary stage or even in the secondary stage ,then a substantial dose of self care is required.  Those people who are suffering with kapha dosha ,mental stimulation ,lot of exercise and perfect diet are best habits  to adapt as early as possible. They must avoid oily foods and also should avoid frozen foods ,refrigerated foods instead they must consume fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and freshly  home cooked foods .

Havintha's range of organic and natural products in context of Vat ,Pitta and Kapha dosha :

In today's very demanding and challenging lifestyle vata ,pitta and kapha doshas are almost inevitable. 

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Havintha's whole  roasted seeds ,wellness teas ,Kuromame tea and black soybean are few such products which are very useful in this type of problems. 

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In this blog of ours , we have tried to enlighten our readers with these three very important aspects of Ayurveda, Vata ,Pitta and Kapha dosha and their several other aspects.  We hope our readers will like our attempt and appreciate this one of its kind topic blog .Your valuable feedback are welcomed.

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