What is Bhringraj powder and what are its natural benefits?

What is Bhringraj powder and what are its natural benefits?

Before understanding Bhringraj powder it is useful to know ,what is Bhringraj and few other aspects about the Bhringraj.

Basically Bhringraj is a plant ,whose botanical name is Ecelipta prostrata.
This plant possesses cylindrical, grayish colour roots . This extensively used variety grows generally in moist places in warm and humid temperature. It is not confined to some particular places but in most parts of the world this plant of Bhringraj very commonly founds . In India its uses under our Ayurveda system of medicines are used since last so many decades. Its taste is bitter and mostly it is being used externally and that too for hair and skincare . In the Southeast asia the dried whole plant is being used for traditional medicines. Bhringraj powder is nothing but its an extract of Bhringraj plant's flowers and sometimes its leaves. Its composition depends on its applications. Bhringraj is considered as a wonder herb in Ayurveda. Obviously its powder will also fall into the same category. It is truly a rejuvenator . In our country people are using this plant's flowers and other parts for ages.

Multiple uses of Bhringraj Powder:
Bhringraj works as a miracle for the haircare .It has incredible benefits for hair growth and nourishment. Bhringraj powder is very beneficial to prevent hair fall .It is due to its hair growth enhancer property, which is called Keshya property.

Apart from haircare Bhringraj is also useful for
many other health conditions and disease prevention. It helps to maintain good digestion and appetite. According to Ayurveda it is due to Ushna property. Ushna ,means hot or hotness . It is a scientific fact that for maintaining a good or proper digestion hotness is an essential pre condition inside the belly.
Bhringraj is also gifted with Rechna property by the nature. Rechana ,means laxative. This laxative property is very helpful against constipation. Constipation is that kind of very common problem which gets treated very lightly by many but its long term effects are very bad or harmful. Constipation leads for many other problems, especially indigestion related problems.

Where Bhringraj plant founds generally?
Bhringraj plant is usually grows in the moist places ,where temperature founds warm .It is normally grows worldwide but mainly distributed in India ,Nepal ,China ,Thailand and Brazil.

Its how many types of varieties are there ?
There are two varieties of Bhringraj. If one variety plant yields yellow flowers then in other hand yellow variety is there .Both varieties of flowers are used for preparing medical oil .Here it is noteworthy that white flowered Bhringraj plant is more preferred than its counterpart yellow flowered Bhringraj.
Conclusion: Thus miracle herb Bhringraj has many medicinal properties. If we consider its good qualities only for good haircare ,then also it is worth million dollars .Bhringraj is one real gift of nature to us and Havintha's Bhringraj powder is ready to use with surity of purity

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